Friday, November 14, 2008

UNH Preview

UMass game notes for the UNH game here (html) and here (pdf).

New Hampshire game notes for UMass here (html) and here (pdf).

Recent game articles include:
Bruce Dowd has his weekly "CAA Today. Weeks 11 & 12 " here .

Dowd also has an article on the NCAA playoff selections and most of the article is based on an interview with UMass' John McCutcheon.


The UMass-UNH game will be televised on CSNMA and CSNE. That will be channel 435 on Dish Network.

Be sure to check if you don't have satellite or cable access. Note that they usually don't list the game until Saturday.


The Wildcats are 7-2 for the season.


Statistically, the Wildcat are led by:


Rushing: Robert Simpson (9 G, 101-540 yards, 6 TD)
Passing: R.J. Toman (9 G, 183-263-7-2188 yards, 21 TD)
Receiving: Mike Boyle (9 G, 49-724 yards, 7 TD)


Tackles: Dino Vasso (9 G, 51 solo, 20 assisted, 71 total)
Sacks: Brian McNally (9 G, 2.5-16 yards)
Interceptions: Ryan Hinds (9 G, 4-218 yards)

The Wildcats lost senior tackle Josh Droesch to a knee injury against Villanova. It looks like Senior Chis McClurg will replace him guard and the rest of the line will shuffle.


Well, UMass will be playing for pride this week. There are still plenty of goals for the season. Tony Nelson has a chance for a 1,000 yards rushing. Victor Cruz has a chance for 1,000 yards receiving.

The Seniors need at least one win to go out as the top winning class of all-time.

UNH's defense has given up a lot of yards this year. They are 9th in total defense in the CAA. UMass' offense needs to jump out and control the game and keep UNH's high powered offense off the field.

I think we should try to speed it up and not be too slow in the huddle and in our play calling. This year's offense seems to work better in a hurry. Let's get after the Cats and take one step to winning out .

Go UMass!


Anonymous said...

As fans, we only get to see the stadium where our teams play and ours doesn't look to bad compared to the other CAA North schools. It certainly isn't very good compared to the schools in the CAA South.

If you received an offer from more than 1 CAA North School - As a football player - what are the things you look for when evaluated CAA North Schools.

Again, looking at the internet as I haven't visited the other CAA Schools facilities, (meeting rooms, offices, academic support, etc.) our facilities don't compare very well.

So if you are a UM/CAA Football Player, or ex. UM/CAA Football player,what are the things you were looking for when you selected the school you are currently playing for?

Anonymous said...

How about James Ihedigbo's hit on Ray Ventrone on the opening kickoff of last nights game

Anonymous said...

That was awesome. Way to go, James.