Saturday, September 13, 2008

UMass run over by landers

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Well, that was something. That was one of the most amazin' games I've seen.

The Bad:

Rodney Landers ran 26 times for 206 yards with nearly an 8 yards/carry average.

How many times did the offense bring us back to seven points down? Two, three? The defense continues to be the worst tackling unit in my memory. We are still throwing shoulders at opponents and they are just shrugging us off.

The Good:

The offense played well enough to win. We had more total yards and first downs than JMU did.

Victor Cruz had a historic day. He had the best single game receiving total in UMass history with 262 yards. He didn't just break the record he shattered it. He also tied Jimmy Moore and Brandon London for most catches in a single game.

His 20.15 yards/per catch for the game is not even in the record books. That also places him 6th in the CAA All-time single game yardage record, just behind Marques Coulson's 267 yards against Liberty in 2003.


UMass athletic dept report here .

JMU story here .


Anonymous said...

frank, the dixon wright stats are his kicking stats.

Anonymous said...

Your correct. Based on our coverage units(punt & kickoff) the first three games though they sure seem about right.

UMass74 said...

You are correct. I've deleted the sentence.