Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Morning Madness

The Boston Herald has an article about the passing game here .

The JMU student newspaper "The Breeze" has a game article here .

The Harrisonburg Daily Record has an article titled "JMU pounds UMass".

Matty Vautour has three stories" "Dukes run over Minutemen", "A rare whipping for UMass"and "A bittersweet day for Victor Cruz".

CSN has its weekly "FCS Recap" here .

The CAA has the season statistics up.

The Good:
  • Liam Coen is 1st in pass efficiency
  • Tony Nelson leads the league with 120.7 yards/game
  • Victor Cruz leads all CAA receivers with 117.0 yards/game
  • Brett Arnold leads all CAA punters with 46.7 ave
  • 1st in red zone scoring
  • 1st in first downs
The Bad:
  • 11th in rushing defense
  • 11th in scoring defense
  • 8th in total defense
  • 12th in time of possession (are we scoring quickly or is the defense letting the opposition keep the ball?)
  • 11th in kickoff returns
  • 10th in turnover margin

Keepers power rankings drop us to #10.


Tomorrow I'll be doing a Texas Tech preview and the following day we'll have a "Guest Blog" from Texas Tech blogger Seth Jungman who writes the "Double T Nation".

The weather in Lubbock looks beautiful all week. Mrs. Blog and I fly out Friday from Manchester.

Go UMass!


Anonymous said...

frank, can you get us a link to the tt football blog?

UMass74 said...

It's in today's blog post, second paragraph from the end.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the Tech game will be on TV around campus since it is not listed to be on TV (i.e. CN8) If not, does All-Access carry the game?

Anonymous said...

It may be streaming.

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip, everyone, and hopefully we'll play with more intensity and give these guys a run for it. V. Cruz has emerged as a bonafide star, and if Coen can work his magic, and Nelson keep the defense honest, the score will be respectable.

Anonymous said...

Probably the Tech message board with the most traffic is

raiderred7 said...

To all the UMass fans coming down, have a safe trip down to the Giant Side of Texas!

Anonymous said...

keeper's has us at 10 and jmu at 18...go figure?? I can't imagine 17 teams better than jmu, including umass.