Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday morning 09/22/08

Mrs. Blog and I will be staying a week in historic Santa Fe, now home to the artsy-craftsy and, like most towns in the Southwest, explosive growth. In the old days we camped in a KOA not far from the center of town. Now Rt 84 going north out of Santa Fe has six lanes.


The Boston Herald reports that UMass is ready for some time off.

The UMass Daily Collegian has a story here .

Matty Vautour has a Texas Tech game article here. He has some comment here .

UMass took some injuries in the Texas Tech game.


So far we've played four teams, three of them on the road. In case your missed it, JMU beat Appalachian State . They might be the #1 team in FCS/I-AA. Texas Tech is now a top ten team in most NCAA polls.

Albany played another strong game against a CAA team as they were leading UNH in the third quarter.

Holy Cross dropped a one point loss to Havard after leading most of the game.

We've played a pretty tough schedule so far. Next up is the Blue Hens. They had trouble on Saturday.

Delaware lost to Furman . K.C. Keeler was not happy.

Update: David Coulson has an article on the JMU-Appalachian game.



Anonymous said...

Injuries. I didn't realize we had players going down. A few years back Coach Brown was asked why not schedule a second FBS team for the money and he responded because of the likelihood of injuries.

Now it seems we have suffered quite a few playing a team with much larger and faster athletes. I don't know about most fans, but I find the scheduling of TT and other teams even 1 game a year dangerous to our quest of a National Championship. At least we have a bye next week as we try to recuperate.

Playing Texas Tech and losing key players isn't going to help recruiting. Winning Conference Championships and winning playoff games is what bring top athletes to UMass.

Playing home-and-home games against the Sun Belt and MAC (Temple and Buffalo) with the Army, Navy, and BC every few years makes a whole lot more sense.

topsfieldfan said...

I agree w/ last comment. Play a FBS opponnet that we MIGHT be able to beat; not one that is a sure loss WITH high risk of multiple injuries. That being said, I think Delaware is huge for us; a win and we're back on track, a loss and I think morale becomes an issue. Let's get the fans out for the Delaware game, get behind our team and make it tough for the Hens. The offense can score with anyone, let's help the D get fired up by making some noise!

Anonymous said...

i doe not know what the problem is at umass, but i watch other games and the students are going crazy, cherring and supporting the team, most of our kids are gone after the half. what is the answer?

Anonymous said...

lock the gates and don't let'em out!!

Anonymous said...

i know it is not a big atmosphere. im a freshmen right now and have only been to one game, the Albany game, but it was just a social event. really embarassing. almost like a high school football game for God's sake.

Anonymous said...

Frank - Make a dinner reservation at The Inn of the Anasazi and have elk.

Anonymous said...

can someone answer this question. why is the athletic department getting away with 1. not promoting games. The delaware game is huge for if they hope to keep in contention. and 2. why they are allowed to abuse their football team by putting them in senerios that they dont have a chance. why are they able to use the team to make money with no repercutions as to weather or not a player gets hurt or a season ending injury for the sake of a paycheck. it would be one thing if they played for the paycheck and the players were seeing the money be put to use such as new facilties but rather the money is given to the entire athletic department to be divied up to all teams. Those teams did not take the Beating (if you will) to earn the money but they reap the benefits?

Anonymous said...

Umass has to make a commitment to move this program into the national spotlight every year and they have taken a step backwards. The commitment has to come from the top down. This team has been a national power in the FBS for the last five years and there is no reason for it to go backwards. Let cry loud and spare not and don't let this happen. Umass is on the brink of becoming a football school but the emphasis must be there from everyone. Fans, student, especially ex players. Or else lets just eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow the programs dies.

Anonymous said...

As a player I can tell you that we would like the opportunity to play the top teams in the counrty (TT, kansas St., BC) rather than play Mac teams, as someone has said. It is a huge selling point as a recruit to be able to offer the chance to play in that atmosphere. Any player wants to see how he does against the best.

Anonymous said...

We have been waiting for Jason Yellen and the athletic department's post and it looks like the last post is from them.

I want to play against the best, but not when it is going to destroy my team and injure my teammates. That is what happens when we go up against teams that are bigger and faster than we are.

Playing FBS teams that are somewhat better than we are, MAC, Sun Belt, can showcase talent for the NFL draft without destroying our team.

Anonymous said...

We played BC tough last year and I heard none of these complaints about size, speed, injuries, etc. Our team this year is just not as good as last year's team! Playing a FCS team is a great pay day so let's quit crying, lick our wounds, and get ready to 'tackle' the CAA!

Anonymous said...

Ditto, JMU, APP ST, does a great job of keeping the studs coming in. Spend the money and recruit studs.

Anonymous said...

You are not going to compare BC to TT are you? Only someone employed by the athletic dept would write trying to justify what the athletic dept is doing to the football program.

Anonymous said...

do you know what the TT team would have done the the Bc team last year. Blow them out of the stadium.izwbr