Friday, September 19, 2008

Road Trip-----Texas Tech

Well, it's 38 degrees in the great Granite State this morning. Mrs. Blog and I will be flying out to Lubbock in a couple of hours. While loading up the truck for trip to the airport, I noticed all the neighborhood roofs are covered with frost.

As usual, I will try to publish the UMass Football Blog on the road. However, I've learned that accommodations having "high speed internet access" and having high speed internet access that actually works are two different things.

Should the Blog fall silent, be advised that I'll will be back as soon as I find a connection that works.

Hope to see some UMass fans at the game. I'll try to bring you UMass football news and a report from the game. Mrs. Blog and I are taking the opportunity to do some traveling in the Southwest, so I'll be road blogging for about a week and a half.

Go UMass!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Lubbock. Some suggestions:

Steaks: Cagle Steaks. West of Town,located on John Cagel's ranch. (Very popular with the locals) Only serve Rib-Eye, and you order it by the thickness of the cut.

Mexican Food: Abuelos. (82nd and Quaker). Order will be good. Garcia's and Mi Tio's are also good Mexican food. (We serve Tex-Mex down here. If you like Mexican, you will love it.

Tailgate: Go the East Lot. This is where you will find the best food. If you have any UMASS garb on, you will be offered whatever they are smoking...yes smoking. The tailgates will start this afternoon, and run until well after the game.

By the way, the weather will be nice. 55 degrees in the morning, should be around 81 by KO. Probably about 67 by the end of the game. We have a semi-arid climate. Not too humid, if at all.

Have fun, and I hope you enjoy your trip to Lubbock and Texas.

dennisdent said...

Have a safe trip. If we win; I expect you to storm the field with the wife and tear down the goal post(s).