Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Coen wins CAA & National Honors

Liam Coen won National FCS Offensive Player of the Week by the Sports Network.

He was also CAA Offensive Player-of-the-week .

As a bonus, Julian Talley was CAA Rookie-of-the-week for his four catches that gained 71 yards against Holy Cross.

The UMass Athletic Web site has an article about both of them here .

Coen appeared on the CAA teleconference and it's worth reading.

Coen also get a mention over on Josh Buchanan's "Small School Insider Report".

Matty Vautour has an article about Coen's awards and some CAA news here .


In a previous blog post I mentioned Armando Cuko's productivity as a field goal kicker. He has two game winning kicks in seven total field goals.

Several other UMass players also have high productivity ratios. Joe Stanford has three TDs in six total catches.

Ian Jorgensen has six career TD's out of 22 career catches. He's one for two so far this year.


Only one UMass-JMU article so far. It's here . Duke fans are saying on message boards that the game is sold out. If that's true, then there are two sellouts (Texas Tech and JMU) on the road. It's a testament to UMass' drawing power as a football opponent.


UPDATE: Whatever problems UMass may have are dwarfed by the problems of the Idaho Vandals. First they lost to Arizona 0-70, then everybody is making fun of their uniforms.


Anonymous said...

A quote from the JMU article.

x And third, they play very different styles of football. The molecular Dukes like to keep it basic, meaning if they can run the ball rather than throw it, they’re happier than Sarah Palin gutting a moose (or, perhaps, adjusting her beehive); UMass, conversely, relies on All-American candidate Liam Coen’s passing. Coen, finally a senior, threw for almost as many yards last season (3,091) as JMU’s Justin Rascati and Landers did combined the last two seasons (3,723). Madison ranked No. 7 in Division I-AA in rushing a year ago; UMass ranked No. 65. Madison ranked No. 96 in passing; UMass ranked No. 21. This weekend’s game should be a study in contrasts between teams that do what they do very well.
What does Coach Brown need to work on this week?

Special Teams
and to stop JMU our Run Defense

How does or DL look in practice this week?

sammygeerock said...

I think the JMU sell out is a testament to how big of a game this is for both teams. If it were Delaware or New Hampshire were the # 3 team in the nation playing their CAA opener against vs # 7 JMU, it would sell out too! JMU fans come out for all the games!
Gooooo Duuuuuuukes!

Anonymous said...

Each week I compare our facilities with our opponents.

What makes a good venue for a football team or to watch a team. JMU has a nicer facility, more recent upgrades, and has begun a major stadium renovation. HC plus the city of Worcester has invested into Fitton Field.

I wonder why Coach Brown said our facility is one of the top 5 in the nation. In Mass Harvard and HC have nicer facilities. Include all of New England and Yale also does. Each I=AA school has invested considerable sum in their stadiums, offices, and field house.

What upgrades do we need to have the best facility in the CAA? We certainly need a new field house and coniderable upgrades to our stadium, more parking and a ramp to 116. Would 30M be enough?

Anonymous said...

A ramp to 116...have you ever driven on N. Hadley Rd?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1. What does Coach Brown need to work on this week?

2. How much $ do we need to upgrade our facilities to the best in the CAA.

Forget about the 5'th best in the country. We can't afford that.

Forget about roads. The state will build them when they want to. We need better, faster, road access to Springfield (91) and Eastern Mass. (90, 202, 2). Why is that so hard to understand?

Anonymous said...

Forget about the roads and facilities for now, let's concentrate on the upcoming game/games. We can continue to make do with what we have to be a great football program.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a link to the JMU Message board?

Anonymous said...

liams overated

Anonymous said...

What is the closest airport?

Anonymous said...

McGuirk needs its own international airport! It's the only way we can compete. All the top FCS stadiums have them.

Anonymous said...

An airport? lol

Anonymous said...

Closest airport to JMU. Are you going to the game?

There is always one intellect in every class. How about contributing something if you stay here. If you don't want to contribute something the "I hate UMass Football" Message Board is waiting for your posts.

UMass74 said...

Yes, could the Trolls and the "I hate everything about UMass Athletics" types please take it to the message boards. Message boards are the perfect format for smack and rants.

The reason I started the UMass football blog was the low signal-to-noise ratio on message boards.

Everybody is welcome to post here if they have something to say.

Tell us your thoughts on the game; tell us about your third string fullback coming off a medical redshirt, tell us something we didn't know.

I spend a lot of time on the blog and the readers spend their time reading it. Comments with some content keeps everybody from wasting their time.