Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Recruiting 2009--Niko Sierra & Alex Scyocurka

UMass is recruiting two players from the Longmeadow Lancers, Niko Sierra a 6-3 210 RB and Alex Scyocurka a 6-0 210 FS/RB. Story here .

Sierra had 19 TD's and 1,132 yards in 2007. His ESPN page is here . He's getting looks from UMass, BC and UNH in football. Also plays lacross and has interest from UMass and Bellarmine University.

Scyocurka racked up 28 TD's and 1,729 yards in 2007. His Rivals page is here . His page is here . Scyocurka is getting interest from UMass and UNH from FCS and BC, Syracuse, Stanford, UConn, Penn State and UConn at the FBS level.

It would be nice to have more Western Mass players on the team. Hope they consider UMass.


Anonymous said...

The Link on Frank's front page to
2008 NFL Draft Scout's UMass players

includes 11 players who graduated. Of those 11 only 3 are defensive players.
(1)OLB Jason Hatchell (2) OLB David Burris (3) ILB Charles Walker
Unable to replace them on this years team are why we are having defensive problems. It looks like this year's transfers and recruits don't have their level of talent.

Complete List
FB Brad Listorti
K Chris Koepplin
RB Matt Lawrence
OT Matt Austin
OLB Jason Hatchell
OLB David Burris
WR J.J. Moore
OG Nick Diana
WR Rasheed Rancher
ILB Charles Walker
FB Breyone Evans

Anonymous said...

You mean transfers and freshmen don't have the same level of talent or grasp of whats going on as guys who were at UMass 5 years? No kidding! Why do you find it necessary to constantly complain about UMass' recruiting. Find something better to do.

Anonymous said...

"If you build it, they will come." Hmm! What's the chance of that happening?

Anonymous said...

Recruiting is 90% coaching them up is 10%. Let's look at the coaching also. Are the kids here now buying into what the coaches are teaching or have they tuned them out? It's easy to win with great players but you can still get the job done if the players BUY IN.

Anonymous said...

Coaches can't make great players in less then 2 months. The players mentioned were not great players when they first came, it takes time!

Anonymous said...

Look at our depth chart, watch the kids in practice and during the games. Its obvious to our coaches and fans who is graduating each year and where we will need to bring in new players in 2009, 2010, and 2011 etc. We should be recruiting for those positions this year.

We should have recruited players with the size, weight, and skill 2-3 years ago to to step and to replace them when they graduated and weren't able to do so.

Tell us alumni why and what we are doing to fix the problem or we can forget about competing for our conference championship.

Is Coach Brown's recruiting budget sufficient to get the players he needs? Is there some other reason?