Wednesday, September 10, 2008

James Madision Preview

Saturday we play James Madison in what should be the top game in FCS/I-AA football.


JMU game notes here (html) and here (.pdf). James Madison message board here .

UMass' game notes here (html) and here (pdf)

The game will the televised live on CN8. Live CN8 internet video feed here (requires windows Media Player).


Some UMass-JMU game articles:


James Madison is 1-1 for the season.

The Dukes QB is Rodney Landers. For the season he is 17-26-1 133.8 efficiency 65% 215 yards and 1 TD. He was 4-9 for 51 yards and 1 INT against Duke.

JMU's top receivers are TE Mike Caussin and Kerby Long they have a combined total of 8 catches for 99 yards.

JMU does not care about passing. Their strength and passion is their running game. The Dukes have a stable of outstanding running backs. JMU returns 8 of 11 starters on offense this year.
  • Eugene Holloman 5-11 185. He has 27 carries for 144 yards 5.3 yards/carry. He has a bruised thigh and may not play.
  • Griff Yancey 5-10 195. Yancey has 9 carries for 83 yards 9.2 yards/carry and 2 TD's. Anybody named Griff has got to be a good player. He was the second leading rusher for the Dukes in 2007 with 665 yards.
  • Corwin Acker 5-10 200. Acker has 11 carries for 69 yards 6.3 yards/carry 1 TD.
  • QB Rodney Landers 6-1 220 can run. He had 16 carries for almost 100 yards (including a 47 yard TD run) against Duke.
On Defense, the Dukes are led by their secondary.
Game Outlook:

Tough to get a read on the Dukes so far. Everybody (including this Blogger) expected them to do better well against Duke. They ended up having only 13 first downs and 239 yards of total offense. One game against a FBS team and one game against an outmatched opponent will not present an accurate picture of the Duke's capabilities.

They blew out North Carolina Central as they should have. Keepers has NCCU ranked 112 of 125 FCS teams.

JMU stadium holds 15,500 and it should be sold out for the game. Crowd factor should be heavily in the Dukes favor.

UMass will have to stop their running game. I highly doubt that they can beat us passing. UMass played well against Albany's run oriented attack (in the second half). If we can get some three-and-outs, we should do well on offense.

We will need to cover better on kickoffs. The Dukes KR Scotty McGee CB 5-9 180 has 5 returns for 157 yards and a 31.4 average.

Go UMass!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Frank for great information.

UMass74 said...

You are welcome! Anything I missed?

Anonymous said...

Do you have a link to the JMU Message Board

Anonymous said...

Frank I have been looking for the JMU depth chart.
JMU Offense question
How big are their interior OL? Will they be able to run against our smaller DL. I think that is the key to their game.
If we can shut down their run we win.

JMU Defense
Looking at their roster it appears they have small DL like we do, only smaller. They think they can shut down our passing attack by rushing 4 DL.

Special Teams
Can we tackle and keep their special teams under control?
After our game against HC we will be looking for improved coverage and tackling.

Anonymous said...

I think a strong UMass victory-- if only we can tackle with authority.

UMass74 said...

Do you have a link to the JMU Message Board

It's in the first sentence after the helmet graphic .

As for the size of JMU's OL, they would be bigger than our DL. That's standard.

Only run option teams like OL in the 240-260 range.

Even if we were playing the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Sisters OL is going to average 300 pds. Only in the Pros do you have 315 pd defensive linemen.

Anonymous said...

Actually our DL is bigger than it has been in recent years. Don Brown has always preferred speed to size and this year seems to mark a change in the size to DL. Speaking of the DL that transfer from Delaware looks like a keeper. Seems big and athletic.

Anonymous said...

The DL is just as fast this year as before. Harrington and Collier put on a little more weight, but they are still fast for DL.

UMass74 said...

Yeah, my group at the Holy Cross game was talking about "Ray Jones"

He looks big, fast and athletic.

Anonymous said...

How did 91 Courtney Jackson look? As a RS-Fr he probably didn't get a lot of playing time. I expect great things from him. At a listed weight of 6-2 235 he may need another year to put on weight to play on the DL. If he has the speed I would love to see someone his size groomed to play MLB behind Jennings so that we had more size in the middle.