Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Morning Info

The UMass Daily Collegian says that the defense wants to step it up against JMU. The Collegian also has a JMU game article here.

From the JMU side, the Richmond Time-Dispatch has an article here .

The James Madison student newspaper has a game article here .


David Coulson has his weekly FCS column "Around FCS" here .


Keepers has the UMass-JMU game essentially even.


The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal has an article about Texas Tech QB Graham Harrel's struggles this season.

Oh, and you heard next year's Big Twelve team Kansas State beat FCS/I-AA team Montana State 69-10 last week, right?


CSN has a list of FCS/I-AA TV and streaming internet games for this weekend.


Matty Vautour has a blog entry listing UMass' and JMU's records against top ten FCS teams.


The SME website covers FCS/I-AA football.


The CSN fan page only lists eight FCS/I-AA football blogs -------- and one of those is run by a newspaper.
FYI the is the UMass Football Blog's 2,156 blog post since June of 2005....


Human nature is a funny thing. In one of my previous posts I had two news items. One was a story mentioning that a player who had signed a LOI to UMass had been named the MVP of a high school All-Star game. The other was that UMass was interested in, but had not signed a player that had some minor legal problems. There were zero comments on the sure good thing and over a dozen about possible bad thing.

There has been a lot of comment about some of UMass' struggles this year, but no one has mentioned UMass' slick two-minute drive to win the game at Holy Cross. See this article from Smart Football about clock management and why spiking the ball is nearly always a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

I watched some of the K-State-Montana St game. Believe it or not Montana St was actually up 7-0. From there on out it seemed like KSU put up a score every couple minutes.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget about Coach Brown's radio show tonight at 7:00.

Anonymous said...

The two minute drive would have been a lot easier if the Refs
( which were terrible all day long)
had correctly marked the ball on I believe a Nelson run when he went out of bounds at the Umass bench- I was on about the 40 yrd line and the chains should have moved

Anonymous said...

Coach, Good show tonight.

Browsing on the internet I found another coach has started his own weekly football blog. This is another way to build a bridge between the coach, football team, and fans.
Josh could write it from the questions he doesn't have time to answer during Coach Brown's show or the pre or post game show.

It would also be another great recruiting tool!

Good Luck Coach.

cheehee said...

Thanks for all the updates and analysis, this is the best blog for UMass news. keep up the hard work. I would love to get some feedback on my site if you have the time. Check it out if you have the chance. We are in private beta right now, so any suggestions would be awesome.


sammygeerock said...

UMass74 although I cannot endorse anything related to UMass Football, I do appreciate your blog, lot's of good stuff here. I'm a JMU Season Ticket holder, and have been looking forward to this game since the schedule was announced. Good luck to your squad, it's gonna be a great game! Go Dukes!

UMass74 said...

Welcome Sammy.

Everybody from UMass will be rooting for the Dukes-------next week. :)

Stop in anytime.