Friday, September 12, 2008

The-Day-before-the-JMU-Game stuff

It's often said that the CAA South is better than the CAA North. The truth is James Madison is better than the CAA North.

From the CAA Press Guide:

North Vs South
(from 2004)

UMass 9-3 .750
UNH 7-5 .583
Maine 6-6 .500
Hofsta 5-7 .417
Northeastern 4-8 .333
Rhode Island 3-9 .250

South Vs North (also from 2004)

JMU 11-1 .917
Richmond 8-4 .667
William & Mary 6-6 .500
Delaware 6-6 .500
Villanova 5-7 .417
Towson 2-10 .167

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has a story that Jamil Sullivan 5-9 205 will start for Eugene Holloman in Saturday's game against UMass. He's out with a bruised thigh. Sullivan will be playing with a torn ligament in his left thumb.

DRN online has a story about UMass Liam Coen from the JMu perspective.

Matty Vautour writes a story about the showdown between Coen and JMU QB Rodney Landers.

He has another story about UMass punter Brett Arnold's improved play this year. Vautour says that UMass freshman Allen Williams has drawn the assignment of being "Rodney Landers" on the scout team.

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has a story about Travis Trupica's taking over the long snapper position.


ROFL! The National Championship Issue (via the Wizard of Odds) has a graphic on "How to argue about college football".


CSN columnist Bruce Down has another excellent essay on the second week in the CAA.


And things were not good at Army after their loss to UNH last week.

UPDATE: Things are getting uglier at Army. Two of their top players quit the team and the Academy after the UNH loss.

The Sporting News has their top 25 FCS predictions here .



Anonymous said...

I was listening to coach brown's show on WRNX last night and a listener asked the question about who who will take over at QB when Liam leaves. Brown said Woodward is the backup now, but Wallace and Whipple both doing well and QB job will be up for grabs next year. He did not mention Hawkins so it seems they have moved him to receiver for the future.

Which of the 3 QB's will win the job and why??

UMass74 said...

Too early to tell. I think Woodward has the inside track for 2009.

I don't think there is any clear favorite beyond him for third.

As I said in an earlier post, Whipple could be a real steal in recruiting.

Anonymous said...

I have watched Woodward during both pre-game warmups and he appears to throw a better ball and he also seens to carry out his fakes better then the other 2. He has also been mentioned to be pretty athletic and that can't hurt at the QB position. I hope he gets a shot.

Anonymous said...

Frank interesting comparison of won loss percentages. You have posted about the facility comparison between our facility and W and M.
Have you compared our facility to the other 11 also? How do we compare with the other 5 (Maine, UNH, URI, Hofstra, Northeastern) northern members of the CAA?

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering about why Coach Whipple sent his son to UMass and doubt he would have come here if he didn't expect his son had the skills to win a starting job. There are certainly many other schools who need a QB. I expect him to win the starting job next year.
This year it will be interesting to see how Octavious role increases as he tries to establish a different position so that he can get on the field. (at WR /TE /H-Back or even LB / DB.)

Anonymous said...

Using that rationale then Whipple should be playing at Pitt rather than having transferred to Umass. Obviously his Dad thought he had the skills to play there too! I don't think your theory holds much water. I think his transfer to Umass had more to do with his Dad's former ties to the school.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I doubt he left Pitt because because his dad left. If he knew he was the starting QB he would have stayed.

Dave Wannstedt may be running a different offense and may have pulled his scholarship. While not discussed, even today, it happens more than is generally made public. If Dave had already concluded that Whipple didn't have the skills to run his offense he wouldn't want to tie up a roster spot for the next 4 years.

It is pretty logical to conclude he left Pitt because he was told he wasn’t going to get playing time.