Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday FCS Follies

First thing would be to check Bob McGovern's excellent "Between Mullins and McGuirk" blog for his comment on being a journalist and a UMass fan. His "No Doubt" post is a good read.

He touches on effort needed to get the students to go to athletic events. This is the core conundrum for UMass fans. People e-mail me and say they'll get involved in UMass football as soon as we join the Big East or beat UConn or some other thing. Getting involved now indicates to the school someone values UMass athletics. Joining the Court Club, Pond Club or Friends of Football is not just about the 33 cents per day, it shows that those sports have a constituency and that means a lot in the halls of academic administration.


While we have an off week there are a number of interesting games in the CAA this week. The CAA gameday link is here .

Rhode Island gets Boston College this weekend.

Albany, which has played a strong game against three CAA opponents, plays at Delaware this weekend.

Delaware senator, and Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden said he thinks the Blue Hens would, in his words, "Kick Ohio State's ass". The national press spends a lot of time not covering Joe...

Dave Coulson has his weekly CAA column "Around the CAA" here .


The CSN has this week's FCS predictions here .

UMass football is #11 in Keeper's college football power ratings . Then again, he has JMU at #12, which is ridiculous.

He also has BC by 41 over Rhode Island.



Anonymous said...

Re: McGovern's "No doubt.." article. He's so on the money. Why do we only jump on the band wagon when the teams are winners?" The hard working atheletes @ UMASS get no respect, compared to other schools.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a pointless piece. Didn't really say anything.

Bob McGovern said...


Thanks for the shout out man... I'm heading back to Massachusetts for vacation (I know, weird) in October. Will be at the Richmond game. Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet you in the process.


Bob McGovern