Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just back from the game

Hey UMass fans, we played really hard. The defense hit hard all night. I'm proud of how much effort the UMass players put in. You should be too.

I was surprised that we were not able to get anything going on offense. Every time we seemed to get something going we would get a couple of penalties and that would be it.

It seemed as if Texas Tech had the ball the entire first half.

That play review thing is interesting too. The first quarter took an hour. For a while it looked like the game was going to midnight.

I thought UMass had recovered that fumble in the first half. That happened right in front of me. The Texas Tech kick returner caught the kickoff, tried to make a move and tripped over his own feet. I though he lost control of the ball on the way down. After a review that lasted forever, the refs overturned the call on the field. That and Brian Ellis dropping an interception that hit him right on the number, did if for us in the first half. Both those plays would have given us some momentum.

Sean Smalls did an excellent job on Michael Crabtree. He had five receptions and one TD on a two yard slant. Whoopee.

Again, nobody quit and Texas Tech going it on fourth down while up big, seemed to keep everybody from UMass working hard.

Had a good time talking with the friendly Red Raider fans. Good luck to them with the rest of their season. They are a very, very good football team.

If UMass can take that effort forward for the rest of the season, good things will happen for us.

GO UMass!


Anonymous said...

Frank, you watched it...I listened to some of the here's my thooughts...

If we came out with a renewd vigor that I did not see at the JMU game on the defense side...if we suffered no major injuries...and if this team realized how good they are...then the loss (no, beating) was worth it...

Enjoy the rest of your trip...

Col Hogan

Anonymous said...

Maybe JMU is better than anyone thought. Umass has taken a step back this year.