Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Morning stuff

The Boston Globe has an article here. The Herald has an game article here .

The Sports Network here .

The Dallas News here .

This article about the Red Raiders shutting Down the UMass offense hits close to the mark. has a article here .

This story from the Star-Telegram has a nice shot of Anthony Rouzier getting held.

The UMass athletic site has the story, quotes and notes.

News, notes and quotes from the Red Raiders side.


I left my camera USB cable in New Hampshire. Mrs. Blog and I are headed for Santa Fe for about a week. I'll stop at a camera store and have them copy my images to a CD-ROM or my thumb drive so that I can do a web album.

Something I've never encountered before------Texas Tech has rule on how long a lens you can bring into the stadium. I had my 28-135 on my camera, but I almost brought my 70-300, which would not have passed. It would have been a bummer to come all that way and not have any images.


There's Prairie Dogs in the lawn of my motel. A couple of women and some kids with a bunch of equipment were trying to capture the Dogs to relocate them. I shoulda brought my .243. I could have relocated them for free.


High praise for the Lubbock road system. For $10 I parked on some lady's lawn across from the stadium. I took a left and a right and I was on University Road. That took me to a loop highway that circles Lubbock and I was on my way back to Plainview. All this took far less time than a trip from Amherst to Northampton on Rt 9. Remember there were 53,000+ fans and their cars getting out of the game....


I need to get some chicken-fried steak while I'm out here in the West. Can't get any back home.


Again, we played really, really hard. UMass made some mistakes that hurt us, but it was an effort to be proud of. I liked the hitting the defense brought. If we build on this, we could have a good year.



Anonymous said...

Really, so suprises, but I would have expected better passing productivity from Coen and the receivers.

Anonymous said...

From the article about the Red Raiders shutting Down the UMass offense. If you haven't read it, it is definitely worth reading - a small quote -

UMass, a Division I-AA program that was averaging 37 points and 406 total yards per game, couldn’t get much of anything going against the Red Raiders.

We were fortunate that we only lost by a 56-14 score. It was 42-7 at the half and they could easily scored 60-70 on us if they wanted to.

There is no pride or satisfaction in playing a team that is much better than we are nor should we ever schedule a game against them.

We scored 1 offensive touchdown. People come to Mass to compete for a National Championship, not to lose to Texas Tech 56-7 or 60-7 or 70-7.