Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Morning in the Byeweek

UMass drops to #18 in the latest FCS Poll. I wonder how many FCS teams would do any better with back-to-back games @JMU and @Texas Tech.

The FCS Coach's poll has us at #10.

Coach Brown talks about, in the weekly CAA conference call, among other things, that reversal of the on-the-field call of Texas Tech fumbling the kickoff in the first half. As I said in my blog post, I thought he had fumbled. After watching the tape, Brown seems to think so too. That would have been huge for us.

Matty Vautour has some CAA notes here .

Delaware may be starting Kervin Michaud at RB. Story here . The Blue Hens official football site has not been updated since Aug 28th. Makes me appreciate Jason Yellin even more. He does a fine job with the UMass website.

The New Journal says that Delaware could not catch a break against Furman. They should have been playing in Lubbock.

Scotty McGee of JMU had another great day against Appalachian State.

David Coulson recaps the week-that-was in the FCS-I-AA universe.


James Ihedigbo and Brad Listorti are still on the NY Jets practice squad.


I bought a Hadrosaur rib at a rock shop yesterday. Never grew out of Dinosaurs.

The Post office still has not found all the hiking equipment Mrs. Blog and I mailed to ourselves at General Delivery Santa Fe...

UPDATE: This is your Hadrosaur news for today.



topsfieldfan said...

I have a question. Why does App. St.(1-2) not fall from #1 after getting whooped by LSU and only to #3 after losing to JMU but we fall from #9(TSN poll) to #18 after losing to a VERY GOOD TT team? The Patriots have ridden the "No Respect" train and done great. Our Minutemen aren't getting respect (at least at TSN). Let's use it to our advantage and start kickin' some tail! McQuirk needs to be PACKED for Delaware!

Anonymous said...

I agree, time to pack McGuirk, I will have 7 out-of-staters at the DE game....how 'bout you??

Anonymous said...

Win THREE in a row and then get respect.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Jason having the largest number of employees in the athletic department? I am not sure how to appreciate our website considering how many errors and inaccuracies are posted there that we don't see on other websites maintained by CSTV. The 2008 media guide has errors in it from 2007. CSTV is paid a lot of money to keep the site updated.