Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday morning stuff 09/08/08

The Boston Herald has another article about the "most exciting game between UMass and Holy Cross in thirty years".

Matty Vautour has a game article here . He has another "Offense clicks, but the defense needs work".

UPDATE: Jeff Thomas has some thoughts on the Holy Cross game.

UPDATE II: The UMass Daily Collegian has an article here .
Fordham-URI was delayed until Sunday because of the Hurricane. Fordham won 16-0 in a game that Rhody only managed -26 yards rushing.

Maine struggled against Monmouth.

The New Hampshire Football Report has more articles on the Wildcats victory over Army.

It will be interesting to see how Hofstra plays at Albany this week. Only two games into the 2008 season and it looks like UMass and UNH are again going to be the class of the CAA North.


CSN has a long article recapping this week's FCS action.


Keepers jumps UMass to #2 in his weekly FCS power rankings.



Anonymous said...

NH demonstrated they have a good team and (almost) always compete with us for the conference championship. Army is 0-2 however a win of a I-A team still demonstrates they have a good team.

We have 2 tough games coming up then a bye week. James Madison (Harrisonburg, Va.) next week then we go to TT (Lubbock, Tx).
No matter how well we do against TT we will slide a little ways down in the standings and they and some others will move past us, unless of course we upset TT.
Good luck to Tom Brady and the Patriots

Anonymous said...

Keepers jumps UMass to #2 in his weekly FCS power rankings. (69.41)

USA Today has our power ranking at 63.80. I think Keepers has an artificially high. If we don't get our tackling and special teams organized this week we will have trouble next week with James Madison and we won't look very good against Texas Tech.

If you are on campus keep us informed on how practice look.

Anonymous said...

If you go to our website you know how poor it is.

One link that has some useful information can be found in the right column of each page and is labeled Football Gameday

Anonymous said...

Berkman is one of the best UMass posters on the internet. I came across the following post he made in response to "rayers" who wrote:

You folks need to make the AD aware of these issues. He is very receptive to input and will read your emails so let him know the concerns. I found this quite humorous.

This is what Berkman wrote:

Have you heard the expression NIH ( Not Invented Here)? Well that is how the athletic department operates. They are not receptive to suggeations and lord knows I have made many over the past 45 years. For whatever reason they have their own way of doing things and won't try anything different.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice that a another reception is being held for the coach of our 2'nd rate basketball program hosted by President Jack M. Wilson and Chancellor Robert C. Holub.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a fund raising reception for the coach of one of the best football teams in the country? A team that always competes for the National Championship.

The next time they are on the football halftime show someone should ask them when they are going to do something to support the football program.

What I want to know is has Wilson ever picked up the telephone call and placed a call to the president of these top 1000 and other major corporations in Massachusetts.

90 Mass Mutual Life Insurance - Springfield
95 Liberty Mutual Ins. Group - Boston
96 Raytheon - Waltham
126 Staples - Framingham
133 TJX - Framingham
224 EMC - Hopkinton
263 State St. Corp. - Boston
287 BJ's Wholesale Club - Natick
308 Boston Scientific - Natick
491 Global Partners - Waltham
549 Thermo Fisher Scientific - Waltham
569 NSTAR - Boston
620 Genzyme - Cambridge
648 Perini - Framingham
698 Biogen Idec - Cambridge
710 Hanover Insurance Group Worcester
728 Analog Devices - Norwood
732 Cabot - Boston
780 Iron Mountain - Boston
873 Commerce Group -Webster

Anonymous said...

cha ching, cha would so appreciated.

Anonymous said...

great game, but on our way to our vehicles the cop said, enioy your day but some place else. thanks for the hospitality.

Anonymous said...

I've been to a practice
It's Brown dropping F-bombs/while the players listen to gansta rap on the loudspeakers
while I ask " is anyone gonna hit anyone today"?????
Oh forgot to mention in other comment about HC game- I thought we had the best secondary in the League??
here's a hint for them-when the receiver turns to look for the ball-you should turn too!!!!

I have relatives who are Huge Delaware fans-and are coming up from Delaware for the Oct game-I'm not sure if I want them to now

Anonymous said...

Are they using the practice fields or the stadium?

Anonymous said...

they practice in the stadium, and yes, coach brown dropping 'f bombs' along with the piped in rap tunes containing still more 'f bomb' obscenities is not real impressive for a school with the umass reputation. it's not very classy!

Anonymous said...

and what reputation is that?

Anonymous said...

a well respected instituition of higher learning in the eyes of many, including future employers.