Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Morning Stuff

Matty Vautour has an article on the UMass recovery from the Texas Tech game.

He has some interesting news. Vautour mentions UMass true freshman Korrey Davis' move into the second RB slot. I should have mentioned in my report from Texas Tech how well he played in that game. He had 15 carries for 51 yards.

Reshaude Goodwin is back. His speed will help the secondary and give Coach Brown more options in defensive packages.

True freshman LB Tyler Holmes will probably get some playing time.


Reinforcements on defense are needed. UMass is in territory we've not seen under Coach Brown.

UMass is:

The UMass and Delaware bands will perform together at Saturday's game. Now that will be a show!



Anonymous said...

I am not sure were Tyler Holmes fits in. I though he would redshirt this year and work in the weight room. If you saw something in practice please write.

What about our Jr Transfer LB's Farris 195 lbs, and Filler 210 lbs?

At 5-11 188 He is 25-30 lbs lighter than our starting LB's. (Gomes 215 lbs, Jennings 220, Byrd 220, Rouzier 222. Also Arango 222, Besong 200.)

He is also lighter than our starting DB's. Robinson 195, Miles 207, Ellis 210, Smalls 205.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what his weight is?