Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Maybe, just maybe we've played three very good teams in a row.

Albany beat Hofstra.

The CAA news page has writeups on all the CAA teams here .


Texas Tech scorched SMU 43-7.


The Texas Tech stadium after hurricane Ike (stolen from the excellent Texas Tech fan blog Double-t Nation)


Anonymous said...

Some stats to chew on:

Kick return yards after three games:

Umass - 245 yards
Opponents - 397 yards

Punt Returns yards after three games:

Umass - 17 yards
Opponents - 153 yards

Points after three games

Umass - 37
Opponents 36.7

1st Downs after three games

Umass - 58
Opponents - 66

Rushing 1st Down after three games:

Umass - 16
Opponents - 37

Anonymous said...

We clearly have a lot of work to do on special teams and defense. Speacial teams is a big concern seeing as two of the teams that we played while strong in their respective conferences are not scholarship or full scholarship programs so are depth should show in these areas.

Defensively we have allowed Holy Cross and JMU to score on 8/11 first half possesions for a total of 52 points. Coach Brown has now used the quote "We were pretty unsettled in the first half" for all three games. One or two series maybe but there appears to be preparation issues. We are seeing some great things from the new offensive faces so that is encouraging. W ehave a long season to go but the defense needs some leaders to step up.

Anonymous said...

These two items have to happen:remove Horne from KO returns;remove Smalls from punt returns.They are not and are not capable of getting it done.
Finally I think you have to put in a newcomer at LB and see if they are ready.The current LB's are not ready.

Anonymous said...

I thought I would bring some humor here today. While browsing I found this quote about our 2'nd rate basketball team.

i'd take a first round loss in the ncaa's over a finals loss in the nit any day of the year, and i think most umass fans would agree

A UMass basketball fan actually posting he would rather lose than win. I hope he never becomes a football fan.

I never want our bb team to play in the NCAA's until we rank in the top 30. Getting eliminated every year in the 1'st round of the ncaa's just reinforces the pitiful basketball program which cost more to run than the football program. To keep our last bb coach from leaving he was offered a salary in excess of $750K. Unofficially it was higher. That is for 12 scholarship players. That program loses so much money they are having fundraisers to offset the incredible drain on the athletic budget.

We play in a 2'nd rate conference and will always have a 2'nd rate program until our football program gets our basketball program out of the A10. We can't recruit top bb players. They don't want to play in the A10.

The basketball fans should be the ones clamoring to get us into a I-A conference. Most of the football fans prefer playing I-AA and competing for the national championship.

Anonymous said...

How about STOP ragging on the Basketball team. WE have had great success there and we will again! I support both and want both to succeed. Hating the BB team's not gonna help football. Get over it!

djollie111 said...

Actually, those photos were not related to Ike at all. We just happened to get a record-setting rainstorm on Thursday (7.8 inches in one day). Just for perspective, average for Lubbock in a year is around 18 inches. Ike hit a day later and about 600 miles away.

Google Map Link

Forecast looks like clear and sunny for next week's game. See you then!

Anonymous said...

The basketball fans should be the ones clamoring to get us into a I-A conference. Most of the football fans prefer playing I-AA and competing for the national championship.

Maybe if I rag on the BB program enough some BB fans will demand a better program.

We have never had "great success”. Lightening struck once. We signed a great coach, John Calipari, who was recruited by Rick Pitino for us. Pitino also subsidized his salary. Calipari recruited some great players and we made the final 4. The BB program is an embarrassment. Despite its budget it can’t recruit. Is that because of the conference or the coach? When was the last time it won the A10?

UMass74 said...

Guys, we are going WAY off topic here.

Lets take rants, basketball and back-and-forth posts to the message board, which is a perfect format for that sort of thing.

Anyone notice that we are leading the CAA in total offense?

Anonymous said...

Trying to make the argument that basketball is holding football back is foolish. Basketball is the only sport at the school that has actually turned a profit in the past couple decades. Unfortunately no program on campus loses more money than football, so you might want to get your facts straight.

Oh, and the last time they won the A10? Try 2007.

UMass is better with strong football and basketball programs. Anyone who makes it into an "us versus them" argument is an idiot. You want to trash UMass programs? Why don't you go find a BC or UConn message board. I'm sure they'd be happy to join in.

Anonymous said...

You have provided some humor here. 30 years ago I threw away my Maroon and White Glasses.

We have a great football program. We played in the National Championship 2 years ago and won the National Championship. Don't complain here, complain to the athletic department.

As Frank pointed We are leading the Best Football Conference in Offense and have one of the best QB's in our conference.

Anonymous said...

We have a Great Football Program with a Great Football Coach.

The football program isn't holding the basketball program back. The fans who are happy playing in a 2'nd rate conference are holding the bb program back. You have it backwards. The bb program need the football program to get out of the A10 as a bargaining chip.

Most football fans are happy to play in the CAA and compete for a National Championship.

Topsfieldfan said...

Will a win over Bryant help us towards making the playoffs or do we have to "run the table" against the rest of the CAA? Let's be honest- a win over TT is WAY OPTIMISTIC. Will 9-3 (w win over Bryant) get us into the post-season or do we need 10-2? I didn't see/hear game but I agree; Defense needs to step up and have some 3-and-outs from here on in. Still bleeding Maroon and White!

Anonymous said...


I know you are going to the T-Tech game. Came across this link last night on ESPN regarding T-Tech mascot. Have a safe trip and enjoy the game.