Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Wednesday---January 1, 2014

UMass announces a 12-person advisory committee for the coaching search.

UMass expects to name a new head coach by mid-January.

Home page for Carr Sports Associates.


Dan Malone reports Mark Whipple may be offered a position with the Houston Texans. The Minutemen could not compete with NFL money.

SB Nation says O'Brien's move to the Texans could jolt the Northeast coaching carousel.

State looks at possible replacements for O'Brien at Penn State.


USA Today says the best college football teams are the heaviest.


The Massachusetts sports media's favorite football team Boston College got smoked in their bowl game yesterday.


James Ihedigbo won a Ravens fan award.

He wants to return to Baltimore next year.


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Anonymous said...

At least BC HAD a bowl game.