Thursday, January 09, 2014

Recruiting 2014-- Alex Kenney

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Central reports, channeling Bob McGovern, that Alex Kenney, a fifth year senior WR from Penn State will transfer to UMass.

State has more.

Was going to run indoor track for Penn State. Quote from the article:" While in high school Kenney, was a 14-time Pennsylvania state track medalist, finishing second in the 100 meters (:10.63) and third in the 200 (:21.42) at the 2010 State Championships. He also set a state indoor record in the 60 meters (:6.80) in 2010. Kenney left State College Area High School having set seven school track and field records."

Also ran back kicks for the Nittiany Lions.

Was a Rivals four-star recruit back in 2009.


Anonymous said...

Kenney, not Kinney

Anonymous said...

This kid will be be getting coached by another NFL guy.Deal is done, just waiting for Chancellor to get back to speak with Kraft and gives his blessing. Looks to be on Monday.Shocker,but a positive hire.

Anonymous said...

Kraft has no say on this hiring, you have no idea what your talking about.

GoUMass1993 said...

These anonymous comments are such garbage. Stop posting made up information. We know your alluding to Mangini as the "NFL guy." It's going to be Whipple barring something unforeseen. We'll know next week ("mid-January").

Anonymous said...

Thank you GoUmass19939.

Anonymous said...

Brown is being played with, like a fool. He has no chance, the AD knows this. As they say, payback is a bitch! Brown did nothing to get football alumni involved. Screwed over UMASS on his way out. WHIPPLE ON THE OTHER HAND GOT THINGS GOING. See you at his press conference Monday.