Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday--January 18th, 2014

A USA Today writer using a game simulator declares the 2012 Minutemen the worst team of the decade.


A Bleacher Report writer power ranks the 18 new head coach hires in FBS.


Hustle Belt looks at the 2014 MAC recruiting classes with 19 days to go before letter-of-intent day.


Miami of Ohio adds three transfers from Notre Dame.


A coaching change may lead to a loss of a top recruit for Toledo.


58% of college administrators favor the power conferences forming their own division.

Sports Illustrated says momentum shifting towards automony for the power conferences.


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izy1 said...

Worst team of the Decade?
Special thanks to UP-Chuck Molnar
What an honor to saddle the team with. I'm sure he's laughing all the way to Belize with a few hundred grand to burn. Wish I could get a job to be as incompetant and still walk away with a few 100 G's.
I'm sure Coach Whipple with bring the team back as champions again and wipe that smear away.