Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday--December 31, 2013

Well, this has been a crappy year for UMass football and fans. Good to see it in the rear view mirror.

Dave Barry cracks me up. He's the only non-football link in this blog. Dave Barry's Year in Review: 2013 was a zombie of a year.


MassLive has Victor Cruz and Michael Cox see bright futures with the NY Giants.

Cox finished 20-436 21.8 AVE 50 LONG in kick returns. He was particularly effective in the last two games of the season where he went 3-104 yards.

Cruz wishes he could have that catch vs Seattle back.


You remember that Mark Whipple lost his NFL job last year when the Brown fired their coaching staff? We'll the new coaches lasted only one year as the Browns again fired their coaches.


The Star-Press says the MAC is winless in bowl games so far.

Northern Illinois and Bowling Green tumble in UPS Performance Index.

NIU wonders if it can keep it going in 2014.


Yesterday we were talking about option football. Army's new HC is from Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech and says the Cadets will continue to run.

If you missed it, Navy rushed for 385 yards and victory over Middle Tennessee State in the Armed Forces Bowl.


The Washington Post says college football head coaching searches are leaning towards offensive guys.



Anonymous said...

Over on Maroon Musket Bob Malone mentioned a recruit hoping Solazzo isn't on the chopping block. Well that recruit has only talked to him. Ask the defensive line that played for him their opinion and you would find quite a contrast in opinion. He too is an issue and needs to go.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, for all the laryngitis-inducing screaming the guy does it seemed to have little effect on the D-Lines ability to stop the run. These coaches liked to scream a lot, but being loud doesn't equate to good coaching.