Thursday, January 09, 2014

Thursday--January 9th, 2014

UNH coach Sean McDonnell says "No Thanks" to a UMass offer.

Dan Malone has the original post saying UMass was interested in McDonnell.

McDonnell has done more with less than just about any coach in FCS. McDonnell's UNH bio.


Alex Miller
Remember, former UMass star Alex Miller is an assistant OL coach at UNH.


Rob Ambrose, who was one of the names thrown around for the UMass coaching search has been given a contract extension at Towson.


The Pac-10 releases their schedule for 2014 including Colorado at Gillette on September 6th.

The Seattle Times looks at the Pac-10's OOC opponents.


Ball State's Willie Snead has declared for the NFL draft.


OT, but Sports Illustrated says UMass' OOC basketball wins will go a long way in Selection Day.



Anonymous said...

McDonnell and Ambrose moving on is great news! They would kill to have a great FBS job like UMass. They're only dropping out of the process now because McCutcheon has secured Whipple! Done deal. I expect an announcement is imminent. Probably as early as this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

First off, McCutcheon hasn't secured anyone. He's not running the show. He has screwed up the last two hires. Morris, that was a disaster. Rumor has it he wow them with a great presentation. We found out you can't coach players from behind a laptop. Molnar, was just as bad. He was fired from Notre Dame, Was told to look for a job. He was an OC who never called play under Brian Kelly. McCutcheon is powerless. McCutcheon and Whipple are polar opposites.

Whipple has a job offer from Bill O'Brien to join him with the Houston Texans. He's playing the game. In addition, He is waiting to see what else shakes out with other NFL jobs.

Anonymous said...

McDonnell "dropping out" is a farce to save face. He, along with everyone else in the civilized world, knows that Whipple is the guy. He had no shot anyway. I think it was more of a courtesy call than anything else.

Anonymous said...

I think you underestimate McCutcheon. The guy just got a big extension. That means he has the confidence of the Chancellor as well as the President's office.

The last couple coaches didn't work out as hoped (though that was not entirely the AD's fault) but he's done great by hiring DK, Don Brown, and all the coaches in the olympic sports. If he didn't have the full confidence of the administration, he wouldn't have gotten a raise. They've given him the keys on this search to go get Whipple and bring him home and he'll do just that.