Monday, January 06, 2014

Recruiting 2014-- Liam Porter

247 Sports image
247 Sports says Liam Porter, 6-6 300 pound OT from Dean College verbaled to UMass on 1/4/14.

247 page here.

Played one year for Boston college.

Originally a Rivals three-star recruit. has 2013 video highlights.

I blogged about Porter back on October 8, 2010.


Anonymous said...

Your analysis of the FCS game in Texas is pretty inaccurate! The atmosphere at that game had more energy and was more exciting than anything you could imagine! I know, I was there! As far as your anylsis of Delair and Dowling, sounds like sour grapes to me! How would you know what Ryan's responsibility was on that play, and if you read the news tweets after the interception you would know that Dowling was mugged on that play and it should have been a penalty! In either case, why not just congratulate both on making it to where they did! Molnar cost UMass 2 very good players that would have helped!

UMass74 said...

If you read back on previous blog posts, you'll find I've been saying "Congrats" to Dowling, Delaire and Towson all season.

TopUMassFan said...

The field conditions were atrocious for a National Championship game. Neither team should been made to play on turf that looked more like throw rugs.

Towson hung in and I feel the turning point was the blocked field goal (partially due to bad turf) and the big return off of it. Congratulations to NDSU for their 3peat and to another CAA team playing in the finals.

Anonymous said...

In defense of Umass74, his analysis of Dowling on that play was the same of the color commentator on TV.
The important point of course is that both Dowling and Delaire were starters and had major roles is the game and played well. This clearly shows that the 20 or so players who quit under Molnar were not "hangers on" looking for a job. Umass was in no position to lose talented players for whatever reason and I don't think thay were disciple cases either. We must move on.

Anonymous said...

Wow-you won't believe who Bob Kraft is putting his support behind the scenes for the HC job.UMASS is in a tight spot here, if they want increased support, in the way of marketing and $$$ from the Patriots organization. They never gave UMASS much help, but this was because they did not care for the MOlnar hire. They are pushing this ex NFL coach hard as well as other outside money people.

Anonymous said...

Eric Mangini.