Friday, January 03, 2014

Friday--January 3rd, 2014

Click on image for larger view says that reports say Mark Whipple will interview for UMass' head coaching job next week.

Matty V. reports that sources say Whipple will interview for the job. Matty also adds a doozy of a rumor -- that Don Brown will join Whipple as his defensive coordinator.

That would be a grand slam for Minutemen fans, but Brown would probably have to take a big pay cut for that to happen.

Whipple's Cleveland bio for recent UMass fans.

In this article on December 29th, Don Brown had this to say:

"In the aftermath of Charley Molnar’s dismissal at UMass, BC defensive coordinator Don Brown, who did stints in Amherst as a defensive coordinator (1998-99) and head coach (2004-08), has surfaced as a possible successor. Brown said he has had no contact with UMass.

“That’s so far from me right now, I haven’t talked to a soul,’’ Brown said. “I have no comment on that deal.’’
Whipple would be a good hire for UMass. He knows the area and he knows the challanges we face. In his previous stint with the Minutemen, the UMass offense went from 0 to 60 in about 3.2 seconds. He'd have to bring in some offensive talent to duplicate that feat.


Anonymous said...

If you have a chance to get Don Brown as a Defensive Coordinator you do it. We just saved 850k dumping Charley the joke. With the millions invested here if we have to pony up an extra 100-150k a year for his services you do it. Whipple and Brown is scary will win the MAC every year.

TopUMassFan said...

Whipple and Brown back together again? "Happy Days Are Here Again!" I don't see it happening but if it did, we would not only be contending for a MAC Championship in a few years...We'd be winning one!

I'd love to see Whip and Brownie take on this shipwreck, straighten it out, get fans back on board and get us winning again!

Exciting rumor if nothing more!

vetteson said...

I'll beleive it all when I see it in the news. Even if Whipple and Co. return to UMass, don't bet on a MAC championship it two years. He will have to start over with a QB, new recruits etc. A lot of unknowns still.

Regarding ranking of players, there is probably very little difference between, say, a 2 star and a 3 star, they may differ in only a few points, but there is a vast difference between a 5 star and 2 or 3.

Anonymous said...

I played for Whipple and Brown when they got to UMass. I'd love to see them both come back, but I don't see it happening.

Anonymous said...

Last time I saw Don Brown was at halftime of the Nov 8, 2008 game against Maine where we needed a win to keep alive hopes of making the playoffs. We were 6-3 at that time with 2 games remaining after the Maine game. It was the worst half of Umass football I had seen in over 30+ yrs of rooting for the Minuteman.So I gave it to him as he walked back into the stadium. For the game Maine rushed for 320 YARDS and had possesion for 40 MINUTES and Liam Coehn threw 4 INTERCEPTIONS.
Defensive Coordinator-wake the fuck up!

Anonymous said...

The state pension aspect of this deal is a huge deal. Depending on whether Brown or Whipple cashed in their pensions is a big factor. Essentially, if the deal is short term and Brown is vested, he could earn an additional 2-3 million dollars over 20 years via a guaranteed state pension. That alone could be enough to attract both of them.

Anonymous said...

The University will need to open its purse strings to hire either Whipple or Brown; to hire both men, which would be an exceptional turn of events, would mean true investment in the program and likely an endowed position. Murphy at Harvard is remunerated in very high six figures. I would imagine either (or both) would also be enticed by lucrative incentives for GPA, graduation rate, wins, etc.

Anonymous said...

Charley Molnar made more then Tim Murphy. Ivy League coaches are not making a lot of money. If you hire Whipple graduation rates and grades take a backseat to winning football games. He doesn't care about GPA's or if you graduate or commit crimes. But that man will win!

Anonymous said...

Both names bring back a buzz around the program which is positive. Any former Umass players out there coaching right now? Maybe Liam Coen comes back to be an assistant. Just hope both Whipple and Brown are beyond bringing the likes of Kevin Morris, Guido Falbo, Chris Malone, Bryan Chyst or Brian Piccucci back. I hope they have funds and resources to hire a decent staff.

izy1 said...

if they want it bad enough,pony up the bucks... put up or shut up.
bowl game status woud be worth it.
winning coaching duo...GO UMASS

Anonymous said...

So you're saying you don't want to bring back the coaches that actually coached Liam Coen? Or the coaches responsible for many of the championships and NFL players. I see. Smart fan. Head coaches don't make a champion, as you cane see all over the country it's the assistants that do the work. Go Umass

Anonymous said...

Tim Murphy at Harvard enjoys an endowed salary. His compensation is provided by an alumni donor. It is in the high six figures with incentives. Any coach hired by the University will be under great pressure and scrutiny to graduate players. This is Massachusetts; not Alabama or LSU. The University wants a winning team it's true, but with standards in line with Michigan, Virginia, California. It is the hope of the University to draw excellent athletes who will contribute in the classroom and succeed after graduation.