Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday--January 25th, 2014

Three Minutemen were named First Team All-Academic by the MAC: Devon Brown, Jeff Strait, Matt Sparks . David Osei and Ricardo Miller were named Honourable Mention.The press release for the whole MAC is here.
  • Brown 3.80 Psychology
  • Sparks 3.88 Civil Engineering
  • Strait 3.93 Biology


Two MAC players will appear in today's Senior Bowl.


Bryon Vance looks at the MAC's recruiting visits for the week of January 24th.

Vance also looks at the MAC"s recruiting rankings after this week.


Bloguin Sports recaps MAC football in 2013.


NIU's loss to Bowling Green moved the MAC from a potential first to last in non-AQ revenue.

However, the league (and UMass) should see a big jump in revenue from the BCS playoffs.


A Bleacher Report writer ranks Mark Whipple amoung the worst coaching hires of the college football postseason. (?!)



TopUMassFan said...

I don't know where Bleacher Report is coming from but I commented on his site with my opinion of the Whipple hire.

I think I speak for Minutemen Nation that we are excited to have "Whip" back and can't wait for the season to begin!

UMass74 said...

Whip is a great hire. Just don't expect him to beat four BCS teams next year.

I have no idea what that Bleacher guy was thinking.

Anonymous said...

Like most of those morons on Bleacher, they fail to get facts in the way of their opinions! Tom M

Anonymous said...

The same criticism that Whipple is receiving now was exactied on Belicheck when he was hired by the Patriots.

Anonymous said...

ok you just compared Mark Whipple to Bill Belichick. lets back off the kool aid a little bit and see how this plays out.