Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday--January 10th, 2014

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Dan Malone reports that Cincinnati running backs/special teams coach Kenny Carter interviewed for the UMass job yesterday.

Carter's Cincinnati bio.

Carter also interviewed for Eastern Michigan in December.


Matty V. says Don Brown has joined the list to be interviewed.  I am somewhat surprised that Brown is actually put himself in the running. I didn't think he'd leave BC. The chance to be a FBS head coach and a state pension may be the reason.

Whipple or Brown would be, I believe, impact coaches---- and that's something we desperately need.


MAC Seniors in various All-Star games.


The Nashua Telegraph says UMass was "very high" on Sean McDonnell.


Raw Data: UConn's football coaches salaries.


A article says there will be additional realignments.


Tom and Gisele: Not like Mrs. Blog and I.



Anonymous said...

Don Brown interviewed yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I like how originally one person brought up pensions and then everyone else runs with it like that is an actual reason.

Anonymous said...

Don Brown should be the next Head Coach. He is the all-time winningest coach at UMass in terms of winning percentage. He had the most successful 5 year run in UMass football history. And since 1998, UMass hasn't won a single play-off game in which Don Brown wasn't on the sideline either as the DC or HC. That's right. Mark Whipple never won another play-off game without a Don Brown defense. He was 21-7 in his 1st two years with Don Brown and made two deep play-off runs but only 28-19 (the next 4 years)after DB left and never won a play-off game. Obviously, Don came back and made his own mark by himself. Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

kenny carter is from louisville, not cincy..

vetteson said...

Yes, it looks like traditional college football is over. The big revenue conferences have the NCAA on the ropes and will get their wish to add more money to the "scholarship" pool and more autonomy to "regulate" themselves, sort of like semi-pro (remember the Hartford Knights?). Probably a done deal but one which may provide some logic to the already illogical arrangement where you have the BCS "super" FBS conferences, and the bottom feeders (rest of FBS). Thus you have four divisions, Div. 1 (BCS), 2 (FBS), 2 (FCS), 3 (old 2), and 4 (old 3). Interestingly it will be like when they first divided up Div. 1 to 1A and 1AA. So in effect we'll be back to where we started in '78.

Anonymous said...

Whipple is coming home! Can't wait until Monday, he has been given a couple of days to reach out to hire some assistants this weekend and UMASS is readying for his intro. Brownie was begging for the job, but the bridge he burned was no longer there.

Anonymous said...

So let's get this straight. What did Whipple do? He left on a whim in the middle of recruiting with no notice and bolted to Pittsburgh. He left the next coaching staff with Tim Day at QB and a team that Brown coached the hell out of to a .500 season. Brown rebuilt the program and took them to national championship game against maybe the best team and player in 1AA history. Look it up. When brown left, he left more NFL players then Whipple coached in his entire career and the program was in great shape. Kevin Morris is a terrible football coach, worst cosch umass has ever had and should never coach football again. He did no coaching, no recruiting and would melt down every game he coached. How is Brown to blame for Morris and his horrific coaching. He didn't screw Umass he left them with more talent then umass has ever had. Cruz, Ducasse and Miles are still in the NFL!

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting watching how the petition crowd acts,now that we have a new coach. "Bobbingforapplez",who posts on the kiddie board is Brad Anderson. It is put up and shut up time.

TopUMassFan said...

Just saw on SCORE that Mark Whipple will be announced as the next Head Coach of the Minutemen. I couldn't be happier for the program. With Whipple, the Minutemen get a HC that knows how to get the most out of his players, put points on the board, W's in the column and fans in the seats.

Lightning struck when UMass hired "Whip" before, let's hope lightning strikes again!