Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11th, 2014 --- It's Mark Whipple!

A number of media outlets report Mark Whipple will be the next coach of the UMass Minutemen.

Dan Malone reports here.

MassLive has twitter reaction to the hire.

Matty V. says UMass hit a home run with Whipple.


Let the UMass Football Blog join the approval in getting Coach Whipple back. He'll make an impact with the Minutemen.

The only caution I would make would be to expect too much in the first couple of years. Remember Whipple had Marcel Shipp and Kerry Taylor already on board when he arrived.

I attended a function where Whipple was asked about going FBS. He said we could do it but, "We'd take our lumps the first couple of years." I think it'll take three or four years before UMass will be in a position to compete in the top levels of the MAC.

Let's back the coach until then!


It will be interesting to see if Whipple will keep the remaining staff. Coach Sollazzo and Mike Golden are popular with the players.

The vacant positions are:

  • Defensive coordinator (ex-Phil Elmassian)
  • Offensive coordinator (ex-John Bond)
  • Special teams/OLB Coach (ex-Ted Daisher)
  • Wide receivers (ex-Alan Suber)
Whipple will probably function as his own offensive coordinator, but somebody is really, really needed as QB coach.

Some interesting quotes from Coach Sollazzo in this article by Matty V.

I like it here. I’m going to do everything I can to stay here,” he said. “I think this is a great school and the sky is the limit here. I think it’s a sleeping giant.”


Defensive coordinator will probably be the biggest hire. Five NFL staffs were fired recently. I wonder if Coach Whipple would try to get somebody there or add a college coach.

List of current FBS head coaches with their offensive and defensive coordinators.



TopUMassFan said...

Can't wait to see the attendance figures for this next year. The three games at Gillette should be the highest attendance games for our time spent there and our three games at McQuirk should be sellouts.

It will be interesting to see who fills out the staff.

Anonymous said...

Of course people will expect too much.

Anonymous said...

Can't argue with success, Whipple is a giant improvement over Charley Molnar. The biggest issue with Whipple is who is hiring for a staff. The assistant coaches pool is not big and being in the nfl prior to this it's hard to lure coaches from the NFL. Does he go the castaway route and get picucci and Chryst or does he know any young and upcoming coaches? Which coaches on the staff get kept? That's my only issue with Whipple but I think he will have success and it's a good hire for umass,

Anonymous said...

Great job by our AD to convince Whipple to come back home! Can't wait for next season to start. With McCutcheon and Whipple, the two best in their respective positions UMass has ever seen, together there's nothing UMass can't do! MAC championship is on the horizon and then onto the ACC!

UMass74 said...

Mrs Blog and I are driving down to Amherst to see the UMass hoops game.

No comment updates till we get back around 5:30 or so.

UMass74 said...
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Anonymous said...

From the Top Roww n now in sec. 109.

Well if Whip is the coach to be then that should be a good sign of things to come. Having seen him coach n parent his qb boys, seeing n hearing him at games or Clinics it became obvious he is bright n knows how to run a team n especially gets a lot out of qb's.

To those that may somehow be thinking Whip will be a dramatic difference in the expectations dept. you're crazy. At none of his coaching stops new haven, brown, UMass, steelers, eagles, browns n the U he expects players to do what is needed n expected. Those that don't are not going "to feel loved" that some who transferred wished for.

To those that do not go to the games n instead wait to make an opinion according to the Globe post game report. Well you can voice a lot better n more informed opinion with your feet by going to events n games n also by buying some tix n going to games.

Still relish being one of a few thousand at the Big House when it came down to an onside kick n seeing 107,000+ holding their breath.

To those who find my opinions unacceptable - tough ...I will be a season tix holder for season #7 after going to single games for years. And to those who find my passionate posts to somehow threaten them or their lil' boys n found it OK to make rude "anonymous" comments to my middle school daughter ....well you are a coward.

This is going to get interesting.

Anonymous said...

Whipple will have his son on the staff. Whipple will call all the plays so it's really defense where they need to make a good hire. They won't have the resources to lure Brown from Boston College but what about Ben Albert? What's bloodbath McGrath up to these days?

Noel E. said...

This is just great and couldn't have occurred at a more propitious time! There is sure to be a groundswell of support, emotionally and financially, from alumni and fans. See everyone at McGuirk and Gillette.

Anonymous said...

Liam Coen or Jeff Krohn as QB coach.

Anonymous said...

I thought our offensive line was pretty strong when Picucci was here. Guess I was wrong? Never mind bringing in Blanchflower, Ducasse, and Hernandez among others. I guess D. Brown was wrong with him on his staff and our back seat coaches are right.

izy1 said...

Here's hoping for the start of a successful era for UMASS.
With the right coach and a GOOD QB,they should make the negative commenters shut up for a while.
Getting some W's will do more for the team and the fans than anything. Bring back the hard pounding football team we used to love to watch and the fan support will be there. I agree, it is a sleeping giant with teeth wanting to make a name for itself. It just needs the coaching to do it. GO UMASS

UMass74 said...

I'm liking these comments.

Whipple as offensive Coordinator.

Liam Coen as QB coach.

Ben Albert as defensive coordinator/assistant head coach.

Anonymous said...

Coach Pic coached Duccasse, Samuda,Igwenagu,Blanchflower, Milhim,Speller, Dima. All NFL
Miller,Diana, Thompson,Kane,Niland, Austin, Callichio,Hopkins All League Players. Im sure there are many more alums ive left out. Impressive to me The best coach we had, hands down.

Anonymous said...

Solazzo is not and was not popular with the players. Now lets move on and leave him behind.

izy1 said...

Top Roww.....
glad to hear you back in here, not sure what the nasty broohaha you refer to is about, but stick to it and speak your mind. Everyone has a right to speak their mind and personal attacks against someones opinion need to be eliminated

Anonymous said...

So we have bloodbath McGrath on the DL, masella as the DC, coen coaching qbs. That's great, I love those guys. As for Picucci what goes around comes around. Hope he isn't on the staff. Interested to see who else joins.

Anonymous said...

Goes around comes around? He was a great coach. I hope he's on staff.

Anonymous said...

Sollazzo is liked. Rey much by the players.