Monday, January 06, 2014

Monday--January 6th, 2014

Rod Chimelis says Mark Whipple is the best choice.

If Whipple is indeed named UMass' head coach it will be interesting to see who he brings in to be Defensive Coordinator.

You remember Don Brown left after only two years with Whipple at UMass. The next defensive coordinator under Whipple was Neil McGrath. UMass ranked 1st in total defense in the A10 in 1999. McGrath is currently at Brown.

The next DC was Tom Mesalla. He's currently at Wagner.

I doubt Don Brown would return, but I suppose anything is possible. Lots of college and NFL staffs have been let go recently. Whipple would have lots of choices, but maybe not a lot of $$ to work with.


The MAC went 0-5 in bowl games as Arkansas State scored with 32 seconds remaining to beat Ball State 23-20 in the GoDaddy Bowl last night.

Western Michigan has been upgrading its facilities.


Texas is still the most valuable college football team.


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says college football fans might miss the BCS.


If you missed it the FCS Championship game between Towson and North Dakota State was a low-energy affair (cameras caught Towson RB Terrence West in a long, jaw-cracking yawn at the start of the game).

Brian Dowling had three catches for 48 yards, but was ridden out of his receiver pattern on one play and it resulted in a critical interception. I thought Ryan Delaire had an All-American year for Towson. He took a bad angle on a rush that allowed another North Dakota State score.


Anonymous said...

you have to appreciate the bias from the umass media on this hire and Mark Whipple. He's a good coach but your fooling yourself if you think he's the best hire. He failed to get hired at both BC (Jeff Jags) and UConn (Paul P)and He's unemployed right now. You would think if you were a great coach you would have A job. He should be begging Umass for the job not doing his usual you'd be so lucky to have me. He built his Umass teams on transfers and jucos the first time around, now being FBS that option is out the window. Why is he the top choice I'd love somehow to logically explain that to me.

vetteson said...

Nostalgia. But as Thomas Wolfe's novel pointed out that when you return home you find that things have changed and your former glory is history and you need to move on, sort of.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, you need more water in your glass.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it’s a perfect storm. Whipple is begging for the job, so we can pay him less. He failed to get hired at UConn and BC over pay for assistants according to most sources. He is top choice not for football acumen necessarily, but to bring in money and ticket sales. Hopefully his football acumen is still there. His last team which was pretty successful was not built on JUCOs or transfers either. Anyway, don’t tell me you can’t build around a stud JUCO either-Cam Newton?

Anonymous said...

Does UMass really want to hire a fired and recycled coach? Leave it up to Whipple to work the behind the scenes to get in with big money alums. Playing golf, drinking and rubbing elbows. Folks that's how is got his way back in.
There is a reason why Tomlin fired him at the Steelers. There a reason why both Ken Whisenhunt and Bruce Arians can't stand him. They all worked together at the Steelers. They were both head coach in the NFL and didn't hire me.
He nearly ruined the "U". He coordinated the worse offensive production in Miami history. Fired there too. I ask again does UMass want to recycle him?
Rod Chimelis did you ever look at that. Do some research on that. Believe me there are a boat load of quality coaches out there that can get the fan base excited.