Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday--january 12th, 2014

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 UPDATE: Several sources say Liam Coen will be joining UMass as quarterback coach.

Coen's Twitter feed.


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Dan Malone reports Tom Masella will join UMass' coaching staff as Defensive Coordinator.

I just did a link about Mesalla back on January 6th.

Mesalla and I had an extended one-on-one conversation in the old white alumni tent at McGuirk. If I remember right, Whipple was in Boston with a player to accept a "Golden Helmet" award and Mesalla was giving the weekly Sports Luncheon talk. Interesting guy to talk to and intense.

He's been a defensive coordinator four times including FBS Louisiana Tech.


NBC Sports has a short article on Whipple's hire.


James Franklin will take four Vanderbilt coaches with him to Penn State including former UMass assistant coach Bob Shoop.


OT, but Mrs Blog and I had a great time watching UMass basketball make a great comeback against St. Bonaventure.

If you havn't had a chance to catch this team, they're  really fun to watch when they turn it on. I think there is still tickets available for most  of the remaining home games.


izy1 said...

Now if past ill will could be put behind, hire Don Brown for the new OC and this team will be smokin!

Anonymous said...

Forget Brown for OC, Brown was all defense and left his OC to put up record number in scoring, and develop one of UMass greatest QB's. This same OC coordinator followed Brown from Northeastern after he turned them into a scoring machine. Can we remember who that was?

Anonymous said...

Really not much of a comparison between Sollazzo and Picucci. Both are hard on the players and over the top but picucci is a very good football coach and players do respect him. Not saying they like him but respect yes. He might wind up on the staff, he's friendly with Coen.

Anonymous said...

Brown doesn't coach offense and he's likely upset he wasn't named the head coach. Safe to say he has no interest in working for umass as an assistant.

Anonymous said...

Dave Sollazzo was retained.

izy1 said...

i meant to say DC, thanks for pointing out my mistake "anonymous"

Anonymous said...

Who are these idiots predicting 50k in Foxboro for the season opener vs. BC. That was the nonsense Molnar was stating, UMASS fans wouldn't walk across the street to watch a volcano erupt. Football alumni, and alumni in general are apathetic. I was told there are less than ten former players who purchase season tickets, more signed that stupid petition. Frank, I would love for you to track who signed the petition and what they have done for UMASS, now that they got their wish. It won't take long.

Anonymous said...

There will be 40-50 k for BC. That is not Molnar talk. It is a UMass home game. The last time we played them at BC when we were FCS the crowd was about 1/3 UMass. There will be a lot of 30 somethings to 40 somethings alumni at this game, that have waited for it and have not bought in under Molnar. Don't discount the hoop team's resurgence in attracting fans to this either.

Anonymous said...

Not great timing for the game being Labor Day Weekend. Lots of folks still on summer vacation at the beach not into football yet.