Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Tuesday--January 7th, 2014

The Viking Age covers Josh Samuda's signing to a future/reserve contract.


Athlon Sports has winners and losers from the Bowl season; the MAC is among the losers.

Bowling Green signs a four-star recruit.


One sports writer thinks an FCS-style 16 team playoff would be the way to go for FBS. Each conference champion would get a slot including the MAC.

The LA Times looks ahead to the college football playoffs.


Eight assistant coaches at Penn State resigned Monday. Included were the Nittany Lions defensive coordinator and the recruiting coordinator.


The final 2013 Top-25 polls. Wisconsin and Vanderbilt both made the top 25. Kansas State received some votes in the Coaches Poll.


James Ihedigbo was one of the twenty highest graded safeties in the NFL in 2013.


Last night's BCS Championship  showed why college football is the greatest game.



Anonymous said...

Umass should have a coach by now, what's the hold up. Recruiting opens back up in 7 days and we have no coaches. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Have some patience. This is an important decision. McCutcheon knows what he's doing and definitely knows more than you. So relax and have some faith.

Anonymous said...

I hope McCutcheon remembers the Steve Lappas signing.. A great has-been coach hire... I see either a Whipple hire or a Brown hire being = to a Lappas hire

Anonymous said...

Knows what he is doing??? Based on what? His last pick.

Anonymous said...

McCutecheon hired Kevin Morris.

Anonymous said...

McCutcheon hired Derek Kellogg and as a result basketball is ranked for the first time in forever. Field hockey and women's lax are both NCAA teams with his coaches. I think he knows what he is doing.

Besides McCutcheon didn't hire Lappas, he fired Lappas. Plus he hired Don Brown who was a great coach for us. Maybe he will be again!