Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday--January 22nd, 2013

Received my 2014 season ticket application yesterday. There were a couple of items of interest.

Special Event Announcement. There will be a National Signing Day event on February 5th at the Amherst Brewing Company  prior to the Hoops game at Mullins center. The time wasn't listed, but there probably be more info before then. Say "Hi" to Whip and hear about the 2014 recruits.

Second, renew your season tickets before February 5th and receive the same seats you had at McGuirk in 2011! Since Mrs Blog and I (and various friends) had been in Section 6, Row I seats 17, 18, and 19 since 1976, it'll be like old times. Hopefully, all the people who have been whining, pissing, bitching, moaning  and complaining about the drive to Gillette will make good on their promise to get season tickets. In addition, we're holding on to our great seats in the Putnam Club at Gillette. If you haven’t been there, your really missing a great place to see a game.


Chad Hunte on Hustle Belt says Mark Whipple is a perfect fit for UMass.


Well, the UMass Flag Football team is on their way to compete in the Nationals. Go UMass!


The Tampa Bay Times mentions Trey Dudley-Giles in this article about a five-star recruit's transferring high schools.


Sports Illustrated grades the new coaching hires in college football and never mentions Mark Whipple.


OT, but an Alabama fan, still grinding his teeth over the Iron Bowl, thinks Tony Barbee should be fired at Auburn.



Anonymous said...

You should stick to posting links and not do commentary on UMass fans. You come off looking like a fool.

Anonymous said...

WMASS fans are cheap and whiners,complainers. No doers and contributors. That's why we always have the same old,same old.

Noel E. said...

I don't know how this argument started but as an outsider to Mass., it seems to me that western Mass. Fans showed greater loyalty than eastern Mass. fans, as measured by attendance records. There is no Umass loyalty in Eastern Mass to Umass football. In my opinion, attendance records for 2014 will prove this.

Anonymous said...

Gillette averaged about 15k paying customers, with no students. Amherst averaged about 12k with thousands of students who got in free of charge. More season tix holders at Gillette, than was the case in Amherst-by far. I agree next year should be better at both locations.