Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday--January 29th, 2014

College athletes take the first step towards forming a union. This could be interesting if the five BCS leagues break off and form their own division with paid players, thus becoming semi-pro football in my estimation. As the article says, under the current system, there will be some high hurdles to jump. That may not be the case with the proposed BCS super division. I wonder if the BCS leagues ever heard of the Golden Goose.


Meanwhile, Alabama still cheats.


The Boston College blog "BC Interruption" believes the Eagles will be on the cusp of a bowl bid with sure wins over UMass, Maine, Wakes Forest and Syracuse plus one or two tossups.


Despite an 8-5 season and a bowl, a student newspaper writer is disappointed in the Buffalo's season.


Bowling Green completes their staff for the 2014 season.


Northern Illinois gets a verbal from a three-star WR.


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