Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday --January 15, 2014

I'm chopping cabbage for coleslaw last evening and the telephone rings and it's Mark Whipple on a recorded message for the Athletic Dept. Good to hear that voice again.

I hope UMass fans from both the East and West will get season tickets in 2014. Gillette is a great place to watch football and it will be good to see the McGuirk renovations.


Mark Chimelis says UMass finally has reason to cheer.

Former player and coach reactions to Whipple's hiring.

UMass football introduces Mark Whipple as new head coach.


Matty V. says Whipple II has a chance to be memorable.

Matty says Whipple is officially back.


The Boston Herald says he's excited to be UMass coach again.

Quote from the Herald article:"

UMass opens the 2014 season against Boston College, where Whipple’s former right-hand man, Don Brown, is the defensive coordinator.

“I told Donny I know all his blitzes,’’ said Whipple, who will be busy from the get-go as the early recruiting period resumes tomorrow."


Whipple's rings from his Twitter feed
The Berkshire Eagle reports Whipple is here to get jewelry. Hopefully, Whipple can waive that Super Bowl ring under the nose some four-star quarterback...


Staten confirms Tom Masella is leaving Wagner for UMass.


Chad Hunte of "Hustle Belt" says he expects to see a different UMass team in 2014.


Fox Sports Ohio says MAC football could open the 2014 season with a mid-week splash.


UMass fans will get a Penn State ticket bargain when we visit this fall.



vetteson said...

We all know his first mission -

Find a QB

Anonymous said...

My 2000 Volvo V70 has guided me to Delaware in 2009, Michigan in 2010,Richmond in 2011, Wisconsin in 2013 and with just over 190,000 miles am planning on it getting me to Penn State in 2014. Notre Dame in 2015 I will be there, but not sure about the Volvo