Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday--December 28, 2013

JImmie Kelley of Hustle Belt says UMass must get it right this time.


Matty V. reports that Mark Whipple era 2.0 is not far-fetched.


Other names mentioned in Matty's article include:

Neal Brown-- Offensive coordinator at Kentucky. Brown is one of my favorites. He's a young on-the-rise coach and is already a offensive guru. He applied for the UMass job twice before. He's a former Minutemen player and coach. As Matty mentioned, he'd probably take a salary cut to come to UMass, but I think he'd do it to become head coach. He and the Minutemen program could do each other a favor by coming to UMass. UMass would build a program and Brown could expect a lucrative head coaching offer  offer from a BCS school in four years or so.

Mark Whipple-- Whipple did it before. He knows the school and knows the various difficulties associated with the faculty and the unique local press. Whipple also brought in two of the best QB's ever to play for UMass-- Todd Bankhead and Jeff Krohn. UMass currently needs a quarterback like the Titanic needed surface search radar.

Rob Ambrose-- He turned one of the CAA's worst programs into a winner. The Tigers (and several ex-Minutemen) play for the FCS National Championship shortly. As Matty says, Ambrose was also involved in a player mistreatment scandal at Towson. I would think the UMass administration would be gun shy unless he has a really, really good explanation.

Bob Shoop-- There's an old football saying that says offense sells the tickets, but defense wins the games. Don Brown did it at UMass with a killer defense and Bob Shoop probably would offer a quicker road to respectability than offensive coaches. Shoop coached at UMass so he knows some of the liabilities we face. Like Neal Brown, Shoop would face a salary cut to become HC at UMass, but Shoop could expect a big contract HC offer from a BCS school in a few years if he built UMass into a winner.

Don Brown-- Brown is a New England coach. He probably knows the talent pool and what it takes to be a winner in the North East better than anyone. He was approachable and liked by his players. One negative is that in his last year, he apparently let what ever frustrations that come with the HC job at UMass affect his attitude to the school administration. One rule of coaching-- never burn bridges, it could come back to bite you in the ass. Brown has the same advantage as Shoop, a good defense would probably be the quickest road to respectability. Brown has jumped around a lot in his career. His history suggests if he was at UMass a year and a SEC job was offered, he'd take it.



TopUMassFan said...

Let me be the first to say it...I'd love to have Mark Whipple or Don Brown return to the helm of the Minutemen.

I know...the second verse is never as good as the first. That may be true but expectations are different now. There is no National Championship on the line anymore. Maybe a MAC Championship somewhere down the road but not in a couple years.

What UMass needs is respectability within the MAC and both Whipple and Brown could deliver that in short order.

Also, the fans and the players need to feel apart of the tradition of UMass again. These two choices would immediately close the gap between the past and present and would make the past two seasons a distant memory fast.

Whipple is already a legend at UMass. Imagine the status he would have if he was the savoir a second time? Start making the mold for the bronze statue now.

Brown, while not able to deliver the National Championship as head coach, came VERY close. Rescuing the program from the depths of FBS to respectability would be the equivalent of a National Championship.

Maybe neither guy stays more than 3-5 years but long enough to get us back on our feet. It's the stuff legends are made of.

Anonymous said...

Neal Brown. No. 2-10 Kentucky team with worst offense in SEC. Spread guy like Molnar. Not what northeast football is about. Never a head coach.
Whipple. A former head coach. That's what we need. Tough, pro style offense.lthough your facts regarding x umass QB's are wrong. Coen best
Shoop. No. Awful job at Columbia. He was involved in a lil scandal himself as a head coach. Might want to research that.
Ambrose. Better young guy then N
brown. But has baggage. Wore out welcome at Uconn and scandal at Towson. But turned it around.
Don Brown. Winningest coach in Umass history. Coached in Two national championships .Enough said.

UMass74 said...

Mrs Blog and I are headed to Western Mass for her to do some shopping and then we're going to the UMass-Providence hoops game.

So no comment updates until I return about 10:00 PM

Anonymous said...

I’d love either of them, but fearful of Whipple return, more. His legend is so big that he won’t be able to match it. If neither can pull it off either, we’re in deep doo doo. The feel good aspect of either coming back could disappear quickly if things don’t work out so well. I believe the horses in the stable are there and that both Morris and Molnar were unable to get them to perform, but if I’m wrong then whoever comes in has to rework the whole thing. We can’t expect a savior in year one and I think Whipple and Brown may come with those expectations.

vetteson said...

With money now being spent on a consultant to find our "correct conference alignment" and our next coach, we have turned the process over to someone out side the system. Maybe the right thing to do but would have best been done early on before we made all the original mistakes (MAC, Gillette etc.). Don't count on the consultants to woo former coaches/players, too much water over the dam and the sequel is never as good as the original. At least that would be my advice.