Monday, December 02, 2013

Monday--December 2, 2013

Dan Malone has three helmet stickers for the Ohio game.


Four years ago, Hofstra killed their football program. What's replaced it? Nothing much. The article has some news about Tony Nelson.


NIU remained at #14 in the BCS standings. Only Friday's league championship game stands between them and the Fiesta Bowl.

The Huskies were helped when Fresno State got beat Saturday. If you missed it, the the Bulldogs lost to San Jose State 52-62 in a game that featured 1,096 yards of offense.


ESPN has an article saying the second season (recruiting) starts today as in home coaching visits commence.


FCS's greatest season ever against FBS did not translate into excitement for the FCS playoffs. Attendance totals:

  • UNH-Layfayette 3,200
  • Coastal Carolina-Bethune Cookman 3,007
  • Tennessee State-Butler 1,928
  • Sacred Heart-Fordham 4,787
  • Furman-South Carolina State 4,871
  • Southern-Sam Houston State 4,007
  • Samford-Jacksonville State 8,992
  • South Dakota State-Northern Arizona 5,077


Anonymous said...

The football team should be thankful the Marching Band is so good. Remove band day and folks coming to watch the 5th quarter show and you have a team that doesn't meet the attendance requirement.

Anonymous said...

So here's my question. What does Molnar have to do next year to keep his job? And is that realistic?

Anonymous said...

Hard to argue with the band comment. The band is responsible for (my guess) about 1/2 of those in that stadium.

Anonymous said...

Remove football and there is no fifth quarter or band. Together we are UMASS, stop trying to divide from within. Let us not forget this important point. Stay together people, things will be better next year. Remember 3 games at McGuirk alone will help the team, and the band.