Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Recruiting 2014--Adonis Jennings III

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I've blogged about Adonis Jennings before. Jennings is a 6-3 190 pound WR from Timber Creek HS in NJ. He's the second highest player on ESPN's UMass considering list.

In the middle of November Jennings decommitted from Rutgers.

Jennings is a consensus four-star receiver who has offers from 20+ FBS schools.


Adam said...

Yet another recruit that will most certainly not be at UMass in the Fall. I understand that you have to reach for the stars, but shouldn't Molnar be staying within his means in terms of recruiting. By spending time and money going after recruits such as these, you potentially let solid recruits maybe not ranked as high but could still come in and make an impact immediately slip by.

If you are going to go after recruits ranked this high, at least make sure it's a QB. God knows UMass needs help there in the worst way.

Anonymous said...

im getting really perturebed by everyone keep talking bad about our quarterbacks, these kids are doing their best....maybe more protection will help!

Noel E. said...

How can you possibly criticize anyone for reaching for the stars. Sure, I'm pissed at CM's results, but this criticism is absur.

Adam said...

I don't think the issue with the QBs is due to pass protection. From the article on Dima being named to an All-MAC team "The mainstay at left tackle this year helped UMass dramatically improve its pass protection allowing just 16 sacks compared to 32 sacks in 2012. The Minutemen were tied for fifth in the league for fewest sacks allowed in 2013."

Pass protection isn't the lone issue. 16 sacks isn't that many considering they play 12 games. I'm sure these kids are trying their best, but they just aren't FBS caliber QBs. Kepeing in mind the offensive scheme isn't the best, playing QB is all about reading defenses and taking what they give you. How many times did a UMass QB throw to a receiver that was covered like a blanket instead of taking the check down? More than I care to count. They combined to throw for 1877 yards and 18 INTs to 9 TDs this year. That is roughly 156 yards per game. That is horrid. The truth is this offense won't be any better in 2014 unless the QB play dramatically improves.

That is why everyone is talking bad about the QBs. I am only being critical because I want to see improvement, and I'm not sure I did this year.