Sunday, December 01, 2013

Sunday--December 1, 2013

Dan Malone reports A. J. Doyle looks to improve during the off season.

Coach Molnar fired offensive coordinator John Bond and receivers coach Allen Suber yesterday.

The Boston Herald quotes the Maroon Musket saying UMass axes two assistants.

Changing assistant coaches is a time honored way of coping after an unsuccessful season. However, when your composite QB goes 6-19-137 and three INT's as they did against Ohio, that kinda limits your play calling.

Coach Molnar has every right to change assistants. Coach Whipple shuffled his assistants several times during his tenure here.

I still think we really, really, really need a JUCO QB or fifth-year transfer to jump start our offense. UMass was 12th in the MAC in scoring, total offense, passing and pass efficiency.

Nationally we were 111th in passing and yards per completion. The Minutemen were 121st (second to last) in scoring. UMass was 118th in team passing efficiency.


CBS Sports has the college football conference championship game schedule. The MAC championship is next Friday.

Hustle Belt has the conference power rankings after the end of the regular season.


New Hampshire rolled over Lafayette 45-7 in front of 3,200 fans in Durham.


# 14 Wisconsin got knocked out of a BCS bowl by Penn State.

UConn finished its season with two wins in a row.

Boston College was upset by Syracuse.



Anonymous said...

Firing your offensive coordinator and receivers coach is the last act of a desperate coach. If they hire a really good coordinator he will be a threat to Molnar's job security. This looks like a sinking ship. Time will tell. This will be a big off-season. Getting the new recruits into a new offense. Umass has a killer schedule next year.

Anonymous said...

Wow,3200 at a FCS playoff game. What exitement, what a revenue generator. This is why we had to leave FCS,since it can't sustain the model.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. The offensive coordinator they had stopped calling plays after the 1st game and was supposed to be the recruiter with ties to Florida to create a pipeline. Except he didn't provide that pipeline either. Last call for Coach Molnar and the AD too.

Anonymous said...

Isnt that 4 OC's in 3 years? And Suber? He's the only one who stood up to Naplolian and it cost him his job! Amazing that money is thumping the best interest of the team. Shoulda cleaned house last year! Always taught, never keep throwing money at a bad stock. Cut your losses!