Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday--December 17, 2013

Coach Molnar says progress couldn't be defined as wins and losses in 2013.

Dan Malone reports Coach Molnar and staff are trying to bring in a couple of competitive quarterbacks for 2014.

Matty V. has Molnar talking about changes, pressure and optimism.

The Boston Herald has Coach Molnar notes positives.


Stacey Bedell has transferred to FCS Stony Brook.


Western Michigan believes P.J. Fleck will deliver a MAC Championship to the Broncos.


Hustle Belt has its own All-MAC team.


Victor Cruz may miss the rest of the season with a concussion and a sprained knee.


Keepers College football ratings has the MAC favored in two bowl games and underdogs in three 

USA Today reviews college bowl games #29 through 35 (includes two MAC bowls).



Anonymous said...

not judged by wins and losses?????? this is division 1 college football not the pop warner A team where every gets an award for trying. Im fed up with this buffoon and this university that continues to support him. whats next, what else is he going to say?

Anonymous said...

already know how this will end up. he will be crushed in the blogs, crushed by alumni, crushed by the media for the next 11 months. upon completion of the season he will be fired. No different then Morris. Umass needs to be probing for the coach they want asap.

Anonymous said...

Must admit I was sold by the slick talk two years ago. I'm losing my mind listening to this BS crap now. Just another setup so we'll be prepared for another one win season next year. Not even sure we'll get the one win, because there's not one game on the schedule that would be a slam-dunk for us.

TopUMassFan said...

Just about 16 years ago, Mark Whipple was hired by UMASS and boldly stated that he thought his football team would be able to compete for a National Championship in the near future. He then went out and won one in a year's time.

How was this accomplished?

Whipple had a definite plan and he brought in a transfer QB and WR that were outstanding players with leadership skills. In a very short time, Whipple had his players believing in themselves and each other.

Molnar needs to do the same. Bring in a few stud transfers at key positions (QB, WR) and devise a plan that works. The current offense should be scrapped as it has yielded next to nothing in two years. Points on the scoreboard will put people in the seats. Whipple delivered a National Championship; I think most UMass fans would be satisfied with 3-5 wins next year.