Monday, December 09, 2013

Monday--December 9, 2013

Professor Max Page and MassLive writer Ron Chimelis are at it again.


Northern Illinois dropped to #23 in the BCS poll. Besides the $18,000,000 payout the Huskies cost the league, the MAC will probably lose a bowl bid as the league teams gets pushed down a notch.

The Huskies ended up in the Poinsettia Bowl, which has a $500,000 payout...

Bowling Green gets the Little Ceasars bowl.

Ball State to the Bowl.

Buffalo gets San Diego State in the Idaho Famous Potato Bowl.

The MAC Report Online has five MAC teams headed to bowls.


Two MAC coaches could be in the running for the HC job at Wake Forest.



MinuteFan said...

Look at the Bowl berths at the top of the MAC, and this highlights one of the problems facing UMass. Let's be optimistic and say that in 5-7 years UMass somehow rights the ship on the field, goes 12-1 instead of 1-11. Awaiting is a date in the .....Ponsettia Bowl against....Utah State. Really? What is the appeal of that game other than nice weather and a trip to the zoo? Or you could be MAC Champion Bowling Green and get an all expenses paid trip to....Detroit.
People can make all the comments they want about FCS and lack of playoff attendance blah blah blah. That first weekend when students are home for Thanksgiving is always bad. There were over 17,000 at Montana this weekend, 18,000 at Noth Dakota State. Can anyone honestly say that the excitement we had in 2006 for that crazy home playoff game vs. UNH, that unbelievable game at Montana the next week, and the trip to Chatty vs. App State would be matched by a battle in the Poinsettia Bowl? That no matter how optimistic the future could be, that the greatest day in UMass football vs. Georgia Southern in 1998 can ever be eclipsed by one of these crappy bowl games that mean nothing?
I love UMass football, bought my four Club Seats for Gillette and do what I can to support the effort. But I'd be lying if I said that I didn't miss the days when we were playing the teams in the league where we really belong and had a chance at an actual championship.

Anonymous said...

FCS will not exist in 5 years. Get over it. All in or all out. The band says,please all in!

TopUMassFan said...

I have to agree with MinuteFan, the excitement of FCS playoff football is greatly missed and the thrill of the 1998 National Championship will never be surpassed by playing in the Little Caesar ' Bowl. Getting a National powerhouse to come to Gillette would be nice but just to see us get throttled? No thanks!

I keep hearing the CAA and FCS football can't survive yet they do. UNH and Maine are going strong and the true-playoff system no has 20+ teams in it. The Saturday after Thanksgiving game is always poorly attended but the rest of the games draw at least as well as a MAC game.

Mark your calendar for 2018, FCS football still going strong. Just my opinion.