Thursday, December 19, 2013

Recruiting 2014--Malik Watson

Image credit unknown reports UMass has offered to Malik Watson, a 6-3 220 pound pro-style QB from Contra Costa JUCO in CA. has some stats and video.

Originally signed with Montana.

From the bio: "Finished 58.9% for 2,636 18 Touchdowns and thirteen interceptions and 2 Rushing TD's while going 7-4.

Played for both 2012 and 2013 teams, the first teams to ever win the Bay Valley Conference Championship for Contra Costa."

YouTube has 2013 season highlights.

Watson also has an offer from New Mexico State.


Anonymous said...

How do we lose a kid from Massachusetts to a school like western michigan? How does that happen? To me that's unacceptable and totally a horrible reflection on this staff. How many coaches are telling recruits why would you go to umass the head cosch is not going to be there in a year. I'd say western michigan is one.

Anonymous said...

You can blame Molnar for many things, but not for negative recruiting. For that we can blame our weak fans, football alumni, Max Page and his ilk,the media who have all criticized UMASS, during the programs 1st season moving up without any ramp up period.Where are the ex football players? Do they not have any pride in their school, where they can't even attend a game or two, or get involved in helping out in any way?

Anonymous said...

Ex players/Alumni we love the Umass program with all our hearts. We all get the same vibe from the HC when we meet him. We want to attend games, laugh with former and current players but we are unwelcome. I put blood and sweat into this program and its a smack in my face if I have to pay for Home game tickets. This isn't the old umass, this new coach and his rules aren't what we had while we were there. Alumni are getting involved by trying to get a new head coach. This guy clearly doesn't know what he's doing. Guys are leaving the program left and right that should tell you something.

Anonymous said...

Not a Molnar fan but it's pathetic to hear an ex player complain about not getting free tickets. How about you buy a couple of season tickets? Maybe make a donation to the program?

TopUMassFan said...

I don't have access to the locker room so I don't know if what the ex-players are saying is true but I will say this...

UMass was a better than average FCS football team. We are the bottom of the barrel in FBS. Clearly, our progress is slower than we hoped and expected. I would think opening the doors for former players to come in, bring some of the tradition of winning with them, couldn't hurt. The Red Sox used to be the same way, keeping former players out and they changed their policy. Molnar should do the same.

As far as making the former players pay to get in or make a donation is concerned, haven't they already made a donation to the program with their sweet and blood? Maybe their new "contribution" can be getting the current players feeling like they're a part of a proud tradition of teams that lived up to the words painted on McQuirk next to all the years: "Play like a Champion Today!"