Sunday, December 22, 2013

Recruiting 2014---Randell West VI

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I've blogged about 2014 QB commit Randell West five times before.

West was just named The Star-Ledger's Prep football Player of the Year for 2013.

Quote from article: "“I'm looking forward to just learning the game,” West said. “Really, I've only been a pocket, pro­-style quarterback for two years now. It's still very new to me and I want to go (to UMass) and be a sponge and learn all I can from that coaching staff. I want to become a better person, better player and better student­-athlete to bring a lot of honor to my family and Lawrenceville."


TopUMassFan said...

Just read the comments by Randell West and he comes across as a very articulate and bright young man. His attitude of wanting to be a "sponge" for this coaching staff and team is not just refreshing, it gives hope that perhaps a leader for the future may be in the ranks.

I wish Mr. West the best with his knee recovery and hope he has an outstanding career with the Minutemen.

izy1 said...

sure would be nice to see UMASS snag this kid...a real QB is what this team needs. Not trying to cut Wegzyn and Doyle short they try hard, but they just don't have the arm for this division of play to get the job done.

UMass74 said...


UMass74 said...

Just to be clear, my response was to TopUMassFan's wish for West to make a speedy recovery from his knee injury. Blogger rearranged the sequence of the posts.