Saturday, December 07, 2013

Saturday-- December 7, 2013

UMass football will miss out on a $500,000 payment from MAC after Bowling Green crushed Northern Illinois in the the league championship game last night.

CBS Sports reports NIU knocked out of BCS bowl.

Sports Illustrated says Bowling Green thrashed NIU and talks about Dave Clawson building a program.

I watched all the game and the Falcons were bigger, stronger and faster than NIU. They flat dominated the game from start to stop. The loss not only knocked NIU out of a bowl game, it ended any buzz about Jordan Lynch deserving the Heisman.


Buffalo's Khalil Mack won the Jack Lambert Award as college football's best linebacker. He's the first MAC player to have won the award.


SB Nation delves into comments by college football fans during game threads. WARNING VERY, VERY, NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Also very funny.


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Anonymous said...

I hope the UMASS coaches were scouting the Super Bowls at Gillette Stadium today. There was plenty of talent on display from all divisions.