Friday, December 06, 2013

Friday--December 6, 2013

NIU and Bowling Green meet for the MAC Championship tonight at 8:00 pm on ESPN2. UMass has a substantial rooting interest in the game. If the NIU Huskies win, there's a good chance they'll receive a BCS bowl bid. Last year, UMass as a provision MAC team, was not eligible to receive a member's share of MAC bowl proceeds. This year we are. The Fiesta Bowl has a $17,000,000 payout.

Go Huskies :)


MAC Championship capsule. says NIU's on the brink of another BCS bid.

NIU tries to focus only on the MAC Championship game.

NIU is wary of Bowling Green's defense.


College sport most likely to generate head concussions--------- Field Hockey.


Boston College may be feeling pinstripe-y.


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