Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday--December 27, 2013

Dan Malone has a timeline on the Coach Molnar era.

Ron Chimelis adds snark.

Mike Wegsyn considers return.

Matty V. has a story about the search. Quote from the article :"A national search for Molnar’s replacement is already underway. Unlike previous coaching hires, which have been conducted entirely by UMass athletic department staff, McCutcheon said the school will employ Florida-based Carr Sports Associates as a search firm to consult on the hiring process that he expected to go quickly."

The last two football hires by the athletic office did not go well. Kudos to Chancellor Subbaswamy for insisting on some outside help.

UMass went into the FBS era with a team that has gone essentially .500 the last three years. The Minutemen went into 2012 with only two returning All-CAA players.

If the decision to hire Coach Morris in 2009 was designed to save money, it cost a lot more in the long run.

Let's get this hire right and move forward.

I'm not going to link to any more stories about Molnar's firing. I'm tired of sportswriters bashing the program.

Matty V. Says Carr Sports will play a big role in UMass' future.

Matty also looks at some of the things that brought Coach Molnar down.


The MAC goes 0-4 in bowl games.

Utah State beat Northern Illinois.

Pitt beat Bowling Green on a field goal.



Anonymous said...

You always take a pot shot at Morris. I played for him and Molnar. Although we weren't successful under Morris, he was 10 times a better coach than Molnar. At least he wasn't a fraud.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear Wegzyn is contemplating a return to the program. While sidelined you could see that the kid's enthusiasm for the team and players never waned, always patting players on the back running up and down the sidelines cheering on plays and just plain out showing team leadership. Good for you kid, a true team leader.

vetteson said...

As the Boston Globe so predictably announced, with muted joy, boy are we screwed up here at UMass. With all the rumored "conflicts" within the school and rumored "ridicule" so many other programs had for the coaching staff, the general low esteem eastern Mass has for the team, its hard to argue, in the Globe's eye, that the move up to FBS was well conceived! And it's interesting and revealing to read a Globe article that truly reflects the feeling eastern Mass sports nation has towards the school and it its athletic programs. We cheat, we fight among ourselves; we are just a third rate school trying to make some noise. Well, finally making some right choices and decisions, and having some success, like basketball is having now, will shut them up. I'll go Saturday to watch UMass and Providence and cheer for another win.

Anonymous said...

to the player comment. Morris was obviously better than Molnar, and could have had the same results. Probably would have won 1-3 more games, but neither seem to have the “it” to be HC. My guess is Morris was also a much better man.