Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday--November 30, 2013

Well, the 2013 season was over three plays into the Ohio game. A Bobcat team that had been terrible lately ran over and through the UMass defense. Ohio had 461 yards of offense and averaged 7.9 yards a play.

BOTH our starting quarterbacks threw INT's for touchdowns. Doyle went 4-12-102 2 INT 1 TD. Wegzyn went 2-6-28 1 INT.

There wasn't much to hang your hat on for good news. Abrokwah had 110 yards. Levengood was 2-2.


Dan Malone says UMass finishes 1-11 for the second straight season.

Ohio was the last game for 17 seniors.

Matty V. said the Minutemen closed the season with 23-51 loss.

UMass write up for the game.

Ohio website reports on the game.


All the MAC scores. Bowling Green handled Buffalo to win the MAC East. Akron, which had a great comeback season, upset Toledo and Eastern Michigan finished 0-12.



TopUMassFan said...

Thankful the season is finally over. From what I can see, very little, if any, progress was made this year.

For positives, we avoided attendance probation. Fans came out because I think they WANT TO BELIEVE progress is being made.

Next year we will have a 3rd recruiting class in place. Molar has shown he isn't afraid to use true Freshmen. Hopefully the depth begins to improve at key positions so we aren't "gassed" by the 4th quarter.

Half our home games will be back on campus. This team deserves, and needs, a huge serving of "home cooking". Get the student body in the stadium and cheering for their classmates and something good should follow.

As for negatives, I believe 99% of the excitement has left the program. We need a miracle, a big win, to infuse life back into the program. BC is licking their chops right now, thinking a blow out win over us next year will not only be embarrassing, it will be the final nail in our coffin. An upset would be HUGE!

Because of his contract and blind support from our AD, Molnar is our coach again next year. We can only hope we figures out what he has and how best to use his players when the 2014 season kicks off.

Personally, I would like to see UMass try to negotiate their way out of FBS and try to get back in the CAA. Playing UNH, Maine, Delaware, W&M and JMU was a lot more exciting than playing Akron will ever be. If Maine, UNH and URI can survive in FCS, somebody please explain to me why we can't. Today, UNH has a home playoff game with a 7-4 record. I remember how exciting playoff football was in Amherst. I'd like to see us go back to that.

Anonymous said...

Seeing this next season will be the 3rd recruiting class, there better be significant improvement in the program or we need a new coaching staff. The offseason is critical to integrate new players and strength and conditioning.
Next season is make or break.
They need to either win or give BC a scare. BC is losing all of its top seniors. An upset could be huge for this program. All the calendars at UMass should have the BC game circled.

vetteson said...

I really don't think we can turn back now, the school bought into the upgrade and it would be a huge feast for ESPN and the Globe if we admitted it was a mistake. We went into it all wrong, I'll always say that despite anonymous comments to the contrary. But here we are, dead last in the murky MAC after two years with a coach we don't really like, who promised every week improvement when he knew it was not true. He has one more year, in my opinion, to produce a QB and a few more wins (there are several long time MAC teams that we can clearly beat). He all but admitted this in his press conference. We'll have at the most six, yes 6, experienced backs next season, maybe place more emphasis on the run especially when we will be trying out one or two NEW qbs, right? See ya next fall.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I feel like most of the blame and anger toward Coach Molnar is short sighted and misplaced. Dont get me wrong its been horrible watch my team go 2-22 over the past 2 seasons but I'm not surprised. Its a transition and its going to take 2-4 seasons to get results. No doubt it sucks but a coach needs to get his players on his team before the wins happen. Also not to mention the terrible recruiting Kevin Morris did, we essentially had a D-II roster playing a FBS schedule. Everyone wanted Coach Kellogg fired as the basketball coach but the AD allowed him to get his guys in the program and allowed him to grow as a head coach and I think Coach Molnar deserves this as well. Looking at the high rankings his recruits get its clear he's bringing in good talent. I think he deserves a chance to coach his players and sink or swim with them not Morris' players. If in 2 or 3 years the results don't change then yes I think he should be let go but until then we should wait and see what happens.

UMass4Life said...

I've seen a lot of people bring up DK in regards to Molnar. I don't think you can compare them.

DK gave us some signs in the seasons leading up to this one. Even the first two seasons where he arguably struggled the most, there was the win at Kansas, the win over Memphis at the Garden, and the A-10 tournament win over Charlotte which was our first since 2002. Sure those teams weren't great, but it was something. We haven't seen that yet with Charlie.

Will we? I honestly don't know yet. As I said a few days ago I don't have the same positive feeling towards Molnar that I had with DK from day 1.

And BTW most people saying give Molnar time like DK were the ones calling for DK to be fired until a few weeks ago.

izy1 said...

I had this in yesterdays post Agree or disagree but I'll say it again because that's how strongly I feel about this miss managed and misdirected team.
Molnar and the team should spend the entire winter training in the George M. Parks Center and learn to coach and play football.
I find it hard to believe there can be MASSIVE improvement in this team from spring training to Game 1.

Anonymous said...

your right that we can't compare Molnar to DK because Molnar has a much more difficult task. When DK took over he did not have to take a team and coach them in a higher division. Also you have to look at the situation both were in. DK had some very good players (ie CLowe, Ricky Harris, Tony Gaffney, Anthony Gurley). Meanwhile Molnar inherited a team that went 5-6 in the FCS and was now playing a FBS schedule. I think it is very irrational to expect a team that couldn't finish above .500 in the FCS to win more than a few games until we get FBS players and FBS depth on this roster.