Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday--September 30th, 2012

It was on. Remember my post on the first game of the Whipple era? Yesterday had that feel to it. Remember the derision in the media when we got stuffed by UConn?

  • Yesterday felt like one of those MAC shootouts. The UMass fans gave the team a round of applause after a loss!
  • The UMass offense has had 51 first downs and 919 yards of offense in the last two games.
  • Rob Blanchflower  (5-80) and Deion Walker (11-162-1 TD) had two absolute circus catches.
  • Alan Williams went 7-127 and 3TD's
  • Michael Cox had 80 yards rushing against a team that had been allowing 83 yards/game total.
  • Congrats to the players and staff who fought through the tough BCS opening schedule. The players looked like FBS players. UMass belonged yesterday.
We're still missing some pieces, but UMass is going to be a power in the MAC. Coach Molnar and his staff put together a good initial recruiting class and the current one looks to be even better. Remember all they had to sell is a vision and a couple of cardboard posters. Our new football facility starts construction in February 2013. Someone said in a comment that they were glad to be on board as UMass starts on the ground floor. The elevator is going to go up. I can feel it.


Game story notes and quotes from the UMass website.

Harry Plumber of MassLive asks "How good was it?"

The Boston Herald said the Minutemen were sunk by a Blakenship.

SB Nation Boston said UMass lost a heartbreaker.

The Worcester Telegram said the Minutemen showed they belonged.


All the MAC results here.

Oh, and you have the read the write-up on Zac Dysert, Miami of Ohio's QB. The Redhawks had 408 total yards against UMass. Dysert had 624 yards by himself against Akron



izy1 said...

That was one of the best games I've seen in a long time. Talk about trading punches, that was it.
Awesome job UMASS holding it to 3 points against the #1 team in MAC.
This will surely shut up those that said UMASS has no place in FBS-they most certainly do. Good job UMASS!
Sorry I could not make the 3 1/2 hour drive to Gillette.
Not sure why all the locals do not get out to support the home team,
8,800? That is sad.

UMass74 said...

It was a cold, November-like day. The team was 0-4.

Most people do not come to watch you play; they come to watch you win.

The same people that said we couldn't compete after two games, now will say we can't draw.

Win and they will come. Just like the team, attendance was not built in a day.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how easily people fall for salesmanship.

"•Yesterday felt like one of those MAC shootouts. The UMass fans gave the team a round of applause after a loss!"

That's not a good sign. Applauding a loss shows how low expectations are.

"...but UMass is going to be a power in the MAC."

UMass is 0-4 and 0-2 in the MAC, relax.

You and other "fans" make it sound like UMass is a brand new program. It is disgusting that people, including Molnar, completely disregard the history of the program. They have 1 national championship, 22 conference championships and are two time national runner-ups. That is NOT starting at the ground floor. 0-4 is an insult to the program.

If people are so excited about a close loss to Ohio they must have been ecstatic about the 21-17 loss to Kansas St. and 42-37 loss to Michigan under Morris. They weren't. A loss is a loss and this team is 0-4.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, 0-5.

TopUMassFan said...

As far as excitement is concerned, I would put that loss up against most any of the wins of the last three years. Our boys stood toe-to-toe with the best the MAC has to offer and came up a motion penalty short.

In a few years, we should be competing for the league championship. Can't wait to see that and can't wait to see the draw next home game...something tells me the numbers are going to be going up.

Anonymous said...

I felt a great deal of pride watching the my alma mater yesterday. To think we took the top team in the MAC to the wall in our 1st FBS season is incredible. Can't wait for Molnar to work his magic on the recruiting trail, he already has 4 of the top 50 recruits from NJ commited. Now our alums have to get off their backsides and support the players.Go UMass!!!

Anonymous said...

Fans weren't applauding a "loss". They were showing appreciation for a great effort against a top-notch MAC team. As for being a "brand new" program, that exactly what they are in FBS. This team is growing and building momentum and there's no reason for fans to be down on them at all. Show up at the next home game and cheer them on instead of spouting negativity.

Anonymous said...

From Mike in sec 109 n a former top roww mate
To anonymous
were you at the game? If so did you stay until the game ended?