Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday--September 11th, 2012

Some good news: Darren Thellen received two honors for his play against Indiana and I got some of my editing functions back on Blogger.


Matty V has three stars vs Indiana.

Matty also has the Big Ten vs the MAC. UMass, Central Michigan and Miami all lost big.

Former Michigan running back Michael Cox is ready to play his old teammates.

He also has growing pains pay off in the end. Matty says Anthony Dima and Christian Birt will be back for the Michigan game. Both those players will help. Getting Dima back will help UMass now that we're finally getting close to some MAC games--games in which we should be more competitive. Even the MAC schedule is front-loaded with the winnable games at the end of the season.


Fox Sports says Michigan gets a much needed tuneup.

SB Nation says Michigan over UMass by the Wolverines largest ever point spread.

Michigan looks for answers about their shaky run defense.

Michigan's offensive line also looks for a better performance.

Michigan Coach Brady Hoke discusses Michael Cox and their performance against Air Force.


Harry Plumer has more on the big UMass-Michigan point spread.

Plumber also said the atmosphere was solid around Gillette.

He reports that the UMass offense improved, but is not exactly clicking.


The MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" has the MAC TV games this week.

Hustle Belt UMass blogger Mike Paquette reports on the Indiana-UMass blowout.


The Vanderbilt Blog "Anchor of Gold" reports on how the Commodores looked against Northwestern---bad.


The Middletown Press has one word for Don Brown's defense---dominant.

After two games UConn's defense is #3 in the country in total defense.


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