Sunday, September 16, 2012

Suday--September 16th, 2012

I'm having Wi-Fi connection problems out here in NY. If this keeps up, production will be sparse until I get home tomorrow evening.

Thoughts about this game:
  • Gone from the 2010 team that gave Michigan a hard time are All-CAA players Anthony Nelson, Greg Niland, Tyler Holmes, Jonathan Hernandez, Julian Talley and John Griffin.
  • We need more team speed at defense. Last time, we were at least able to slow down Denard Robinson.
  • Penalties have hurt UMass scoring chances the last two games, but with the number of freshmen we are playing, it may continue.
  • The offense seemed to continue to improve. The Michigan defense we played was not the same caliber as the one that got Rich Rodriguez fired after the 2010 season.
  • Hafis Williams had five solo tackles. The whole DL only had eight.


Michael Cox #5/AP image
Matty V. says this time, UMass was no match for Michigan.

He reports on Michael Cox's 4.2 yards/carry. In fact, all UMass running backs averaged over 3.5 yards a carry.

We again had injury problems as UMass ended up with two starters out of the offensive line. Dalvin Battle may be gone for the season with a knee injury.

Robert Kitchings was the 25th  freshman to play in this season.


MassLive says UMass got steamrollered. says UMass was overwhelmed.

ESPN says Robinson had a real big day.


MAC conference scores and game summaries.  Ball State beat Indiana on a last second field goal. Eastern Michigan, and established MAC team lost to Purdue by a score only slightly less than the UMass-Michigan game.


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izy1 said...

It could have been worse.....we could have gotten 0 points on the board.
New division, new coach, lost most of our best players, many 1st year starters. Given time, they will improve. Patience is a virtue.....