Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Western Mass UMass football fans--- parking at Gillette

I have been meaning to post this since my first trip of the season to Gillette on September 8th.

Mrs Blog and I went to the the two UNH games in past years. Gillette is a great venue to see football, but the traffic was horrendous both times.

The problem was both times we ended up in sections #3 or #4 (see attached map). The slow drive to make a left turn at P1 on  to Rt 1  and the crawl past the various stadium exits took an hour.

However, this year's trip was a revelation. We had season tickets with the VIP Parking passes.

Click for larger view

Markings: Pink in-- Green out.

Gillette Parking Map (.pdf download)

Directions Arriving: Western Mass fans coming down I 495 (and having VIP passes) should enter Gillette at P8. Drive directly at the stadium until you come to four-way intersection. Go straight. There will be parking attendants with the straight option partially blocked off. Display your VIP pass and they will let you go on to Section #22. That's between the tower and Gillette. Park/tailgate there.

Access to the Stadium is by walking left (facing the stadium) and down a flight of steps.

Directions Out: This is where the VIP pass really shines. Leave the #22 parking lot and go straight towards P8. At the end of the road take a sharp right onto an overpass exit that merges into RT 1 North (actually going west) towards I 495. That totally shortcuts the left hand turn at P8 and the slow drive past Gillette on RT 1. We were on our way in five minutes.

I realize that when the crowds get larger, this will slow down some, but it's still light years better than the other way.

So IMHO, western MASS UMass fans should take advantage of the Season Ticket Package with the VIP Parking, if at all possible. it will make your commute to Gillette much more enjoyable. If you didn't get the package this year, do yourself a favor and get it next season.

UPDATE-- EXCEPTION: I should have mentioned that there is no Club Seats entrance from the Lot 22 side of the stadium. If you should be mobility impaired AND you have Club seats then VIP Lot # 5 would probably be better. It's a fairly long hike around the stadium with lots stairs from VIP Lot #22.


Gregg Clements said...

We come in from the north so we go to P1. It was great. Took a left down the access road and they guided us right into the "Putnam" lot. Great spot to tailgate and it was a 2 minute walk into the stadium. Getting out was a piece of cake as well. Getting the club seats with the parking pass is well worth the cost.

I see Ohio's QB is questionable. The D needs to stop these QB's from running all over us. It's been 3 weeks in a row! We left a possible 11 points on the field in Miami. The interception at the 4 yd. line could have been a TD (7 pts.), the missed field goal (3) and the missed PAT. The kicking game is enough to make you crazy. That needs to get fixed right quick. Wegzyn was tough. He threw 2 killer INT's (one on Miami's 4 yd. line and the other to start the 2nd half when we had good field position). The play calling baffled me when we had first and goal at the 4. Why go with an empty back field when Cox had been gashing them all day? At least put Cox back there to give the impression we might run the ball. That would have been a big TD.

Overall, I was happy the game was competitive. We clean up some silly mistakes and that very well could have been a W. Also, we may have found a returner in Broadnax.

Good things are coming. Nice to be with the program on the ground floor to see it all happen.

Gregg Clements
CL 107, Row 5, Seats 13-16

UMass74 said...

Mrs Blog thought I was going to have an aneurysm about the first-and-goal from the four.

Cox could have flown over from the four.

Cox was running over the Redhawks all day. Why go to an empty backfield?