Saturday, September 29, 2012

Game Day---Ohio

Well, the weather looks to be slowly improving and I hope the Minutemen continue their improvement too. UMass fans get to see a top-25 team that beat Penn State.

The most often adjective used to describe the Bobcats is "solid". They don't make mistakes and don't have an obvious weakness to exploit. Tyler Tettleton has thrown zero interceptions.  Ohio has only two turnovers all year. They lead the MAC in scoring defense and fewest yards rushing.

Ohio is the MAC's best and this is where we aspire to be in a couple of years. Given the performance of this year's recruits, I think we will get there.

Hope to see everyone at Gillette. Go UMass!!!

The game will be carried on ESPN3.

Matty V. has UMass welcomes Ohio to Gillette. says unbeaten Ohio is a challenge.

Harry Plumer runs the NCAA13 simulation and gets Ohio 44-UMass 17.

The Boston Globe says UMass is playing a team that is on the map now. What's going on in the newspaper business? Now the Globe has gone to the "Arctic Snowfield" format too.

The UMass Daily Collegian states the Minutemen welcome unbeaten Ohio to Gillette.

SB Nation Boston says the Minutemen search for their first win.

The Parkersburg News says the Bobcats are set for UMass.

The Athens News has Solich sounding off about Osbourne and Tettleton. Ohio QB Tyler Tettleton remains "possible" for today.

The MAC Daily runs down today's league games.

The MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" previews today's games.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ says injuries are taking a toll of rosters in the MAC.


The Jackson Free Dealer says it's the rise of the "mid-major" football conferences.



izy1 said...

Lets hope hope for continued improvement and get some points on the board. Just getting some points up against Ohio will shut up the naysayers that say UMASS doesn't belong in FBS. New coach, new players the improvements will come in time.
Give the Team a chance.

UMass74 said...

Amen, izy1!

vetteson said...

Comments and opinion will continue on this subject, but the major arguement for moving up was to save the program ie. have the program pay for itself. FCS is not a money making operation, it is a loose money operation especially in the Northeast. The future of UMass' experiment with FBS will depend on income, make no mistake about it. We don't have the overwhelming support from the Board of Trustees and instability at the chancellor's position makes things tenuous. The current chancellor has made it quite, though subtly, clear that football will not cost academics.

Mike said...

Absolutely saw signs today of improvement, especially in the passing game. I loved the no huddle offense, hopefully with time it will be more comfortable and a more streamlined offense, it seemed at times like there was still a lot of confusion out there. Ohio still had opportunities to get their tired players off the field and with the no huddle thats what your trying to take advantage of.
They still have to get a handle on the turnovers and the penalties, today I think it was 8 penalties for 73yards.
The other thing is the amount of draw plays, its seems every run is a draw. Too many of which where for losses, which put more pressure on the passing game! With that said, Wegzyn was much improved today! A great surprise!!! TE Rob Branchflower has excellent hands too, making a handful of catches today, one very clutch 4th down play in the 4th quarter too.
I like the growth each week so far, I think their on the doorstep of surprising some of these MAC teams!


TopUMassFan said...

Today, it was so close I could taste it! Oh that would have been a big W but it was a huge step in the right direction. We were in the game right to the very end and that's something to hang our helmuts on.

I felt at the beginning of the year we would get 2 wins. I think that 3 could be possible now (Akron, Buffalo and W. Mich.). I left Gillette today feeling like we're going to be all right.

Anonymous said...

Great game, and promising improvement evidenced.

Anonymous said...

It was a great game and UMass has showed consistent improvement. I'm excited for what the future holds and I believe they will get a couple wins this year. However, only 8,321 in attendance is pretty pathetic. I don't know what it is, but alumni support at UMass is almost nonexistent. The MAC teams are just not a draw for the casual fan so alumni really have to show up. I know it's only the second home game, but what happens if they do not meet the 15,000 attendance requirement? I thought for sure that the opener would draw 20 thousand + and help buffer some of the lower attended MAC games. Sorry if I'm being a downer after a great effort, but like all of us, I really want UMass to thrive in the FBS.

Go UMass!